How many movies did Doris Day and Gordon MacRae make together?

How many movies did Doris Day and Gordon MacRae make together?

Doris and Gordon made 5 movies together – Tea For Two, The West Point Story, On Moonlight Bay, Starlift and By The Light Of The Silvery Moon. They were the perfect boy and girl next door in these nostalgic movies.

Is Gordon MacRae still alive?

Deceased (1921–1986)
Gordon MacRae/Living or Deceased

What happened to Gordon MacRae?

MacRae, who began his career as a child performer on radio, died Friday at Bryan Memorial Hospital, where he had been hospitalized since Nov. 27 for cancer of the mouth and jaw.

Who is Gordon MacRae’s daughter?

Meredith MacRae
Heather MacRaeAmanda MacRae
Gordon MacRae/Daughters

What did Doris Day say about Gordon MacRae?

Doris Day, who starred in five films with MacRae in the early 1950s, said the entertainer was ‘adorable’ and had ‘a magnetic, joyous and loving personality. ‘

Did Doris Day and Gordon MacRae ever date?

(1955) and Carousel (1956) and who played the leading man opposite Doris Day in On Moonlight Bay (1951) and sequel By The Light of the Silvery Moon (1953)….

Gordon MacRae
Years active 1939–1980
Spouse(s) Sheila MacRae ​ ​ ( m. 1941; div. 1967)​ Elizabeth Lambert Schrafft ​ ​ ( m. 1967)​

Did Gordon MacRae smoke cigarettes?

A friend of MacRae’s said the actor was a heavy smoker. A Midwesterner with a rich voice, MacRae made good in every field he entered, becoming one of the entertainment industry’s rare ‘five-letter men’ by enjoying success in films, radio, television, recording and nightclubs.

When did Gordon MacRae pass away?

January 24, 1986
Gordon MacRae/Date of death

Was Gordon MacRae a good person?

LINCOLN, Neb. — Gordon MacRae was a man who had ‘the most beautiful voice of all time’ and thoroughly enjoyed life even while battling alcoholism, friends and co-workers said Friday.

Did Gordon MacRae do his own singing?

MacRae, who was self-taught in both singing and acting, lent his rousing baritone voice, clean-cut good looks, and boy-next-door personality to 16 movies. But in the mid-1950’s, audiences’ interest in musicals waned, and he got no more good offers.

Why did Gordon MacRae divorce Sheila?

“I would have had to take Gordy to court for divorce and spill all the secrets about his drinking and gambling. I’d have to say he was abusive, a forger. She and Gordon finally divorced amicably but she decided to wait until after his death from cancer in 1986 to tell her story.

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