How long should you use Flor Essence?

How long should you use Flor Essence?

The maker recommends that Essiac be taken for 12 weeks in a row. The maker of Flor Essence states that adults may take between 30 and 360 milliliters (1 to 12 fluid ounces) of Flor Essence tea a day, depending on individual needs, and may take it on an ongoing basis.

How do you drink Flor Essence?

Cleansing and Detoxifying: Take 2 ounces twice daily. Best taken early a.m. (wait ½ hour before breakfast) and then again at bedtime, or have the second tea ½ hour before any meal.

How do you make Flor Essence tea?

Brewing directions without extraction bags:

  1. Put 5-6 cups of water into the clean pot, cover with the lid, and boil the water.
  2. When the water starts to boil, empty the herbs from the packet(s) into the water.
  3. Turn the burner to high until the mixture boils, and then reduce to medium heat.

Does Flor Essence expire?

Question: What’s the expiration data for this flor essence tea? For the dried herbal tea I bought in the past, the expiration date is usually 2+ years forward. If you make the tea, you may store it in the refrigerator for 1-2 weeks.

What is Flora cleanse?

Flora Cleanse is designed to support a healthy digestive tract and gut- related immunity. It is formulated with a unique combination of fiber-digesting enzymes to help break down yeast cell walls, along with probiotics and antioxidants for gut and immune system health.

Is essiac safe for dogs?

Essiac Tea was developed by a cancer nurse, Rene Caisse, in the 1920’s. It contains four herbs, burdock root, Indian rhubarb root, sheep sorrel, and slippery elm. It works for cancer by gently detoxifying the body, boosting the immune system and decreasing inflammation. It is very safe and can be used on dogs and cats.

Is Flor Essence gluten free?

Of course, Flor-Essence is gluten-free, non-GMO, 97% organic, and vegan, so just about anyone can take it. Happy cleansing!

How do you give a dog Essiac tea?

Essiac is said to be most effective if given on an empty stomach. The recommended dose is about 1 teaspoon per 10 pounds of body weight or 1 tablespoon per 30 pounds. Beverly Cappel, DVM, recommends Essiac tea as a support therapy for cancer.

What is dog essiac?

Essiac is the number one recommended immune system support supplement for dogs. For over 100 years Essiac has been used to help with serious health issues in humans and animals. This formula builds white blood cells, cleanses and detoxifies the body naturally.

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