How long is a relay triathlon?

How long is a relay triathlon?

Welcome to Triathlon Mixed Relay Athletes must complete a super-sprint triathlon – 300m swim, 6.6km bike and 1km run – before tagging off to a teammate, always in the order female-male-female-male.

What is the total distance of a triathlon?

Triathlon Distances: Ironman, Olympic, Sprint, Super Sprint & Super League

Race Type Swim Total
World Triathlon/ITU long Course 2km 102km
Olympic 1.5km 51.5km
Sprint 750m 25.75km
Super Sprint 400m 12.9km

How do you qualify for the US triathlon National Championship?

How Do I qualify?

  • Olympic-Distance: To qualify, athletes must either place in the top three (3) or in the top 25% of finishers in their age group.
  • Sprint: To qualify, athletes must either place in the top five (5) or in the top 35% of finishers in their age group, whichever is greater.

How long does a triathlon mixed relay take?

The elite Mixed Relay format, also known as 4 x Mixed Relay, consists of teams of four, comprised of two men and two women. Races last between an hour and ninety minutes depending on the course layout and are very explosive and exciting to watch.

What relay is called Swedish?

medley relay
The “Swedish Relay” is 1000 meters in length (two and a half laps), comprising 4 legs in order of 100m, 200m, 300m, & 400m. It is also called the medley relay and mostly used in youth competitions. There are 2 ways to run this relay: one-turn, or two-turn stagger. You start with blocks at the regular 200m start line.

How does the mixed team relay triathlon work?

Mixed Team Relay is a team based event consisting of 2 pro men and 2 pro women per team. Each athlete completes a super sprint triathlon circuit before tagging their team mate. First team to have all four athletes complete the circuit wins the race.

What is Olympic triathlon distance?

Triathlon races are held over four distances: Sprint, Olympic, Double Olympic and Triple Olympic. The Olympic triathlon comprises a 1.5km swim, a 40km bike ride, and a 10km run.

What’s a good triathlon time?

What’s a good Olympic-distance triathlon time? At the Olympic distance, the average finish time is 2:52 for men and 3:07 for women. Men average 2:52 and women average 3:07.

Do you have to qualify for a triathlon?

The top 33 percent or top 10 (whichever is greater) athletes in each age group at the USAT Sprint, Olympic Distance and Long Course Triathlon National Championships in the current and/or previous year automatically qualify.

How do you qualify for ITU?

All athletes eligible to represent the United States must: Be a U.S. citizen OR. Be a U.S. national – someone who has resided in the US for three consecutive years and has not competed for their country of citizenship in prior year.

What is the order of the mixed triathlon?

Each team is made up of two men and two women, with the order going: female/male/female/male. At the Olympics each athlete will complete a super sprint triathlon of a 300m swim, 6.8K bike, and 2K run—which takes around 20 minutes—before tagging the next athlete.

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