How long does it take to restore civil rights in Florida?

How long does it take to restore civil rights in Florida?

Florida clemency board approves automatic restoration of felons’ civil rights. TALLAHASSEE — For the past decade, felons in Florida have had to wait at least five years after being released from prison before becoming eligible to have their civil rights restored.

What does restoration of civil rights mean in Florida?

Restoration of Civil Rights in Florida – The Restoration of Civil Rights restores to an applicant all of the rights of citizenship in the State of Florida enjoyed before the felony conviction, except the specific authority to own, possess, or use firearms.

How do I get my rights restored in Florida?

Contact the Office of Executive Clemency

  1. Toll Free: 1-800-435-8286.
  2. Phone: (850) 488-2952.
  3. Fax: (850) 488-0695.
  4. Email: [email protected].

How do I restore my civil rights after a felony conviction in Florida?

Those wishing to restore their rights must submit a Restoration of Civil Rights Application accompanied by certified court documents for each felony conviction. Every application that meets the requirements may be referred to the Florida Parole Commission for an investigation, report and recommendation.

How do I find out if my civil rights have been restored in Florida?

For information about the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, or to join us, call toll free at: (877) 826-8682 or (877) U-COUNT-2, or visit

How do I get my civil rights restored?

To restore your civil rights, however, you don’t go to federal court. You go to state court. A felony conviction three important rights: (1) the right to vote; (2) the right to serve on a jury; and (3) the right to hold public office.

How long does it take to restore your gun rights in Florida?

How long does the process take? The process can take many years (approximately nine) and it is at the discretion of the Clemency Board as to when they will restore your firearm rights.

How do I get a pardon in Florida?

How to Get a Pardon in Florida. Before filing a petition to pardon your crimes, obtain certified court documents for each felony conviction you want pardoned, then fill out an Application for Clemency and submit it to the Office of Executive Clemency.

Can a felon own a gun in Florida after 10 years?

YES, a convicted felon in Florida may be able to regain their firearms rights. Restoring your firearms rights will permit you to own, possess, and purchase guns in Florida or other states. The restoration and / or pardon must be filed with the Florida Office of Executive Clemency.

How can I tell if my civil rights have been restored?

The online search tool is available on both web sites: and “It is imperative that the State makes the process of rights restoration automatic and paperwork free.

How do I know if my rights have been restored in Florida?

How do you restore civil rights in Florida?

There are two ways to have your rights restored in Florida. First, you can apply for executive clemency, which must be granted by the government. The second, and most common form of restoration of civil rights, is to petition for the specific authority to own, possess, or use firearms.

Are my civil rights restored?

Every state has its own laws and provisions concerning how these civil rights can be restored. Some rights are restored automatically in some states, while others are permanently denied unless the offender is granted clemency.

What is the restoration of Rights?

Rights Restoration is the process of restoring voting rights to persons with prior felony convictions who lost their rights under felony disenfranchisement. It may also refer to additional civil rights that are taken away upon conviction, such as holding public office and serving on a jury.

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