How long does it take to get down Marmot Basin?

How long does it take to get down Marmot Basin?

Since being built for the 2009/10 season, this giant lift stretching 2.3 kilometers has earned itself the title as the longest high-speed quad chair in the Canadian Rockies. In under 8 minutes, riders get shuttled to a zone that provides centralized access to all the hot spots of the mountain.

What is the longest run at Marmot Basin?

Marmot Basin
Longest run 5.6 km
Lift system 6 chairlifts 1 magic carpet
Terrain parks 3
Snowfall 450 cm/season (177 in./yr)

Why is it called Marmot Basin?

Joe Weiss named Marmot Basin and acted as guide to cross-country skiers from Whistler’s Creek via Caribou Ridge. The first trail was blazed from the Athabasca Valley in the 1930’s.

How many chairlifts does Marmot Basin have?

There is a total of 3 high speed (detachable) quad chairlifts, a quad chairlift, a triple chairlift and a double chairlift at the resort….All lifts/​cable cars Marmot Basin – Jasper.

Number of ski lifts 7
Total capacity 12600 Passengers/hour
Total lift length 7.3 km Total

Is Marmot Basin good for snowboarding?

This was my first time riding Marmot, and I highly recommend it for snowboarders… very few flat spots, if any. The park left much to be desired, but again, early in the season, so they get the benefit of the doubt.

When was Marmot Basin founded?

Skiing down Marmot Run on a clear day, you’d be forgiven for thinking that little has changed in over half a century since Marmot Basin (then called Marmot Basin Ski-Lifts Ltd) officially launched operation in Jasper National Park in 1964.

How much snow does Marmot Basin have?

Marmot Basin snow depths: updated 05 February 2022

Upper snow depth: 46.1 in
Lower snow depth: 46.1 in

Is there cell service at Marmot Basin?

Yes – at the lower chalet for sure. But there is at the main/lower chalet. Great cell service with both Rogers and Bell throughly ski area.

When was Marmot Basin built?

Is Marmot Basin a good hill?

Marmot has been my main hill for the last 15 years. Great family atmosphere, vibes around the chalets are great (when COVID isn’t around). Snow conditions are typically good, they aren’t the best in the Rockies but you never leave dissatisfied. A short drive up from Jasper.

Is Marmot a good ski hill?

The Marmot Basin ski area is above and below the treeline so it provides the best of both worlds: the majesty of the open alpine; and the protection of the trees. There is good terrain variety including groomed runs, moguls, glades, tight trees, alpine bowls, chutes and cliffs/rock features.

Does Marmot make snow?

New snow in Marmot Basin The snow forecast for Marmot Basin is: Mostly dry. Temperatures will be below freezing (max -3°C on Sun afternoon, min -11°C on Mon night). Mainly fresh winds. Marmot Basin Weather (Next 3 days): The snow forecast for Marmot Basin is: Mostly dry.

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