How long does it take for Nikon to repair a camera?

How long does it take for Nikon to repair a camera?

A: Nikon will require 5 working days to evaluate and complete the repair on your camera.

Can Nikon cameras be repaired?

Service & Repair Keep your Nikon equipment operating like new with Nikon factory service and repair. With both mail-in and in-person service available, our expert technicians provide diagnostics, maintenance, warranty and repairs for nearly all Nikon products.

How much does it cost to clean a Nikon camera?

How much does Nikon sensor cleaning service cost? $59.95/camera (includes 1 lens), plus shipping.

How much does it cost to repair a DSLR?

(3-5 weeks and no guaranteed deadlines) Repair Service costs an average minimally of $100 and can be at most an average $200-$250 depending on your repair issue. Below is a list of common repairs: Stuck or broken shutter.

Is Best Buy a Nikon authorized dealer?

BestBuy is an official Nikon dealer.

How much does it cost to replace a Nikon shutter?

Replacing a dSLR shutter will take 1-2 weeks and $300 USD. After that the camera will be good for another 100,000-250,000 shutter actuations.

How long is Nikon warranty?

Nikon’s Seven Year Limited Warranty applies to the non-optical system components of Nikon Binoculars, Rangefinding Binoculars and fieldscopes, which non-optical system components are warranted by Nikon to be free from defects in material and workmanship for seven years from the date of purchase by the original consumer …

How often should a DSLR be serviced?

Ideally a DSLR needs to be serviced at least once in s year. Minor maintenance can be carried at home, and this includes cleaning of lenses, cleaning of the sensor, and cleaning of the camera body. Take care while changing the lens, do it in a dust free environment.

Can a digital camera be repaired?

A digital camera repair can cost 30 to 50% of it’s original price. If your camera needs repair, weigh the cost over buying one that is new or factory refurbished. Also consider the age of your digital cameras. Many new models have considerably improved during the past few years.

Is Amazon a Nikon dealer?

If you buy direct, Amazon is an authorized US Nikon dealer. All new Nikon cameras come with a one year warranty.

Will Nikon repair GREY market?

Nikon Inc. USA and Nikon Authorized Dealers won’t provide technical support, repair or warranty service on Gray Market products. If you suspect you may have purchased a Gray Market Nikon product, please contact the seller or importer for warranty and service information as well as software updates and downloads.

Are there any repair services for Nikon cameras?

Nikon Camera Repair Service – Nikon DSLR cameras. We provide repair services for Nikon pro DSLR cameras and Nikon consumer DSLR cameras. We have been repairing high end Nikon cameras for over 21 years and can solve the problem with your camera quickly.

Do you use genuine Nikon replacement parts?

We use genuine Nikon replacement parts and obtain them directly from Nikon USA. All service is professionally completed using Nikon factory tools and adjusted to Nikon specifications. Q. What is the repair turnaround time?

Where can I get service at Nikon?

Service is now available for those mailing-in product, as well as walk-in / drop-off service. East Coast Service facility customers (NY): In New York, walk-in/ drop-off counter service is available only at the Melville, NY location at Nikon Headquarters.

What is niknikon repair service?

Nikon Repair Service restores your product to factory standards with genuine Nikon parts. Our self-service repair site makes it easy to manage the entire process—from getting a cost estimate and shipping your product to us until it’s safely back in your hands. Schedule a Repair.

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