How does back tension release work?

How does back tension release work?

A back tension style release completely removes the ability for an anticipated shot by removing ultimate control from the shooter. The only way for the shot to break is for the shooter to slowly pull back until, once a certain amount of tension builds up, the bow releases—always to the surprise of the shooter.

What is let off on a compound bow?

Let-Off. A compound bow uses cables and cams to store energy and reduce the holding weight at full draw. This reduction in holding weight at full draw is called “let-off,” and is calculated as a percentage of the overall draw weight. For example, a 40-pound bow with a 75 percent let-off would be ten pounds at full draw …

Who is Levi Morgan sponsored by?

Ten-time Shooter of the Year, Levi Morgan, returns to Mathews’ Pro Staff more confident than ever. There’s been rumors brewing all fall over the new bow sponsor direction for Levi and Samantha Morgan. “When you’re competing at this level, consistency is everything.”

Can you shoot a bow sideways?

The bow may be helt vertically, canted (in the 90 degrees range), or horizontally. You usually shoot from a bow held vertically, or a bit slanted (say maximally 45 degrees). It is possible to shoot from horizontal or almost horizontal bow, but it has its disadvantages.

What release does Jesse Broadwater use?

Last year, Broadwater and T.R.U. Ball teamed up to design two release aids, the Abyss and FulKrum, which compound-bow shooters use to release the bowstring.

What does 80% let off mean?

it basically means your holding 20% percent of the draw weight at full draw…. for example….a draw weight of 60lbs with 80% letoff means your holding a weight of 12 lbs at full draw…the lower the letoff the more holding weight the higher the letoff the less holding weight….

What is the best bow setup for Levi Morgan?

This is the complete Levi Morgan bow setup: 1 COMPOUND BOW. Mathews Halon 32 31/70 CHECK PRICE. 2 ARROWS. 3 BROADHEADS. 4 QUIVER. 5 SIGHT. Sure-Loc Carbonic CHECK PRICE.

Who is Levi Morgan and why is he famous?

Levi Morgan is a legend in competitive archery, widely considered the greatest archer in 3D history. He won an incredible 12 straight male open pro shooter of the year titles but that streak came to an end in 2019. Levi grew up in Rosman, NC where he use to hunt and fish with his father.

How does Morgan Morgan hold his release?

Morgan uses three anchor points. First, he puts his release hand against his face in the exact same spot on every shot. Second, he rests the tip of his nose on the string. Third, he holds the release in precisely the same way, shot after shot.

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