How does a 5 way super switch work?

How does a 5 way super switch work?

In Guitar Wiring 104, we saw that the standard Stratocaster 5 way switch is an evolution of the 3 way switch. It doesn’t actually have five separate contacts for the five positions. Instead it has three switchable contacts, and in the “in between” positions on the switch connect two of these contacts at the same time.

What is a guitar super switch?

Super switches are used to offer a whole variety of wiring possibilities compared to a standard 1 pole blade switch. The narrow 4 pole super switch fits inside a standard Telecaster control cavity. The 5 way 4 pole super switch has 4 poles each consisting of 5 solder terminals (ie 5 positions) as well as 4 common lugs.

What is a super switch used for?

A super switch, is a true 5-way switch. Last I really looked into it, there were a few different models. They also have 2 or 4 poles. This allows you to wire pickups, or anything, with greater options.

When were push pull pots invented?

Made famous back in the ’60s, push-pull pots were used by Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page, when he used them to create new pickup configurations.

Is there such thing as 5 way switch?

A pickup selector switch found on certain electric guitars that has five positions, and therefore allows for five combinations of pickups. This is the switch most commonly found on Fender Stratocasters and other guitars with three single-coil pickups.

Is a 5 way switch possible?

There are two common types of 5-way selector switches in the guitar world – the Fender type and the “import” type. Fender-type switches are, obviously, found in Fender guitars but are easily available so could find their way into any guitar, most likely Strat-type guitars.

When did Fender start using a 5 way switch?

The 1968 Fender catalog noted that guitarists could “Select any of three positions or even between the natural positions for sound aplenty.” Finally, in 1977—23 years after the instrument was introduced—Fender replaced the Stratocaster’s three-way pickup selector switch with a five-way switch; a modification that …

Are all 5 way switches the same?

There are two common types of 5-way selector switches in the guitar world – the Fender type and the “import” type. Both types are functionally identical but differ in physical layout. It’s easy to see which type you’re dealing with.

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