How do you use antimony in a sentence?

How do you use antimony in a sentence?

(1) Antimony abounds in out country. (2) In addition to producing antimony sulphide concentrate, gold and silver are produced as by-products. (3) These include lead and antimony, nickel, manganese and zinc, and bismuth and iron. (4) The first was antimony trioxide which produces a water-clear glass.

What is an example of antimony?

Examples of these chemical compounds, used in the manufacturing of these materials, include antimony pentoxide (Sb2O5) and antimony trioxide (Sb2O3). Lesser known uses of antimony include the manufacturing of glass, ceramics, and plastics.

What is the correct symbol for antimony?

antimony (Sb), a metallic element belonging to the nitrogen group (Group 15 [Va] of the periodic table).

How is antimony used in everyday life?

Antimony is used in the electronics industry to make some semiconductor devices, such as infrared detectors and diodes. Other uses of antimony alloys include type metal (in printing presses), bullets and cable sheathing. Antimony compounds are used to make flame-retardant materials, paints, enamels, glass and pottery.

How do you use subcutaneous in a sentence?

Subcutaneous in a Sentence 🔉

  1. Botox is a subcutaneous treatment because it injects neurotoxin under the skin.
  2. There is a subcutaneous layer of skin beneath the surface layer that you can see.
  3. You could consider a splinter a subcutaneous wound since it usually gets stuck under your skin.

What means antimony?

Definition of antimony 1 : stibnite. 2 : a trivalent and pentavalent metalloid element with atomic number 51 that commonly occurs in a brittle, metallic, silvery white crystalline form and that is used especially in alloys, semiconductors, and flame-retardant substances — see Chemical Elements Table.

What is another word for antimony?

In this page you can discover 17 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for antimony, like: bismuth, vanadium, thallium, osmium, periodic-table, sb, atomic number 51, tellurium, manganese, strontium and yttrium.

How many shells does antimony have?

Data Zone

Classification: Antimony is a metalloid
Protons: 51
Neutrons in most abundant isotope: 70
Electron shells: 2,8,18,18,5
Electron configuration: [Kr] 4d10 5s2 5p3

Is antimony rare or common?

Antimony is the 63rd-most abundant element in Earth’s crust. It is less abundant than tin, arsenic and the rare earths, but more so than bismuth, mercury and silver. Antimony tends to concentrate in sulfide ores along with copper, lead and silver.

What is subcutaneous fascia?

Subcutaneous fascia is an elastic layer of connective tissue, formed by loosely packed interwoven collagen fibers mixed with abundant elastic fibers [6,8], making it a unique fibroelastic layer that is easily stretched in various directions and then returned to its initial state.

What sites would you use for subcutaneous injections?

Subcutaneous tissue is all over your body, but the most common areas for subcutaneous injections are:

  • the upper outer area of the arm.
  • the front and outer sides of the thighs.
  • the abdomen, except for a 2 inch area around the navel.
  • the upper outer area of the buttocks.
  • the upper hip.

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