How do you size a condenser water pump?

How do you size a condenser water pump?

The net positive suction head required (NPSHR) is an important criteria when selecting the condenser water pump. NPSHR is provided by the pump manufacturer and it is the minimum required pressure at the suction of the pump. The NPSHA must be higher than the NPSHR to prevent cavitation.

How do you calculate cooling water flow in a condenser?

Chilled Water Systems

  1. Total Heat Removed. The total heat removed by an air condition chilled-water system can be calculated. h = 500 q dt (1) where.
  2. Evaporator Flow Rate. The evaporator water flow rate can be calculated. qe = htons 24 / dt (2) where.
  3. Condenser Flow Rate. The condenser water flow rate: qc = htons 30 / dt (3)

How do I calculate water pump?

Actual power required = (water horsepower) / (pump efficiency). Write efficiency as a decimal (50% → 0.5).

What is condenser water pump?

Condenser water pump is used to pump or circulate the water from cooling tower to chillers condenser side to reduce the temperature of refrigerant coil.

How many GPM are in a ton?

As stated above, 1 ton of cooling is equal to 12,000 Btu, so a 200-ton chilled water plant has 2.4 million Btu. The most common chilled water delta T is 12°F; in the equation, the system requires a chilled water flow of 400 gpm, which equates to 2 gpm per ton.

What is the formula for condenser?

– The formula for the capacity of condenser is given by C=Ad When A is the area of each plate and d is the distance between the plates.

How do you calculate cooling water flow rate?

To have a correct estimation of the volumetric flow rate, of cooling water, you have to derive U and A from Q=U*A*deltaT. Because of high temperature and existence of reaction in the system, no normal shell&tube is applicable.

How high can a 1hp pump push water?

A 1 HP sump pump has significant vertical and horizontal reach, making it ideal not only for residential homes but also for commercial units. These pumps deliver an average of 19 GPH and can lift water from wells that are 200 feet deep.

What temperature is condenser water?

The condenser water enters at around 27 ° C (81 ° F) so the refrigerant needs to be a greater temperature than this.

How is vacuum pressure measured in a condenser?

It is measured as the pressure depression below atmospheric. The term vacuum in the case of a condenser means pressure below atmospheric pressure. It is generally expressed in mm of Hg (mercury).The vacuum is measured by means of a vacuum gauge.

What is the circulating water flow of the condenser?

The circulating water flow is of double pass type and the lower tubes are in series with the upper tubes. The condenser is with divided water boxes to have the tube nest in two parts in order to have 50% operation during on load leak testing and maintenance. The circulating water system is of closed circuit type with a cooling tower.

What is the capacity of the air pump in a condenser?

The 100 percent capacity of the air pumps is often of the order to 1/2000 of the weight of steam entering the condenser per hour. Now, it is frequently (but wrongly) assumed that the back pressure suffers because of the extra partial pressure of the air. That this is not so can be easily shown by calculation.

How to calculate the condenser for a 10 kg h -1 volume?

We calculate the condenser for a 10 kg h -1 volume of vapor to be condensed. The following applies for the condensation surface area: A k = Q w a t e r ⋅ m w a t e r t ⋅ Δ T m ⋅ k Formula 2-12: Calculation of the condensation surface area

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