How do you resolve CICS abends?

How do you resolve CICS abends?

How to resolve ‘CICS’ production abends in Mainframe

  1. Locate the correct dump in the dump listing.
  2. Note the abend code in the dump heading.
  3. For ASRA abends, determine the type of program check by looking at the last hex character of the third full word in the PSW.

How do I resolve AEIV Abend in CICS?

Resolving The Problem Because this scenario involves DFHZNEP, the problem can be resolved by simply removing the LENGTH parameter altogether and the length will be resolved as a pointer to a half word value of x’009E’.

What is AEXZ Abend?

System Action: The transaction is abnormally terminated with abend code AEXZ. CICS takes a transaction dump, unless module DFHDUIO is not loaded. User Response: Use the transaction dump to determine the cause of the failure.

What is Aeip Abend in CICS?

When the CICS region is coming down, the transaction tries to execute during this time and AEIP abend occurs. To handle this i have used Inquire statement to check the CICS region status before executing an EXEC command.

What is Dfhmirs?

DFHMIRS is defined as a threadsafe program. For IPIC connections only, CICS runs DFHMIRS on an L8 open TCB whenever possible. For a non-IPIC connection the input to DFHMIRS consists of a TCTTE representing the session between CICS and its session partner and a TIOA containing the function shipping request.

How do I check my CICS dump?

If you do not get a system dump, check the value CICS returns in the DUMPING parameter when you enter a CEMT INQ SYS command. If NOSYSDUMP displays then either the system initialization table (SIT) parameter DUMP is set to NO or CEMT has been used to dynamically change SYSDUMP to NOSYSDUMP.

What is a syncpoint?

Description. SYNCPOINT divides a task (usually a long-running one) into smaller units of work. It specifies that all changes to recoverable resources made by the task since its last syncpoint are to be committed.

What is Asra Abend in CICS?

CICS issues an ASRA abend code when it detects that a program check has occurred in a transaction. Program checks can occur for a wide variety of reasons, but you can find the nature of the error from the program interrupt code in the program status word (PSW).

What is pseudo conversation in CICS?

Pseudo-conversational transactions are used in CICS® application programs that consist, internally, of multiple tasks that are designed to appear to the operator as a continuous conversation. The program issues an EXEC CICS RETURN request with the TRANSID option.

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