How do you prepare a wet mount slide worksheet?

How do you prepare a wet mount slide worksheet?

Wet-mount Slides

  1. Collect a thin slice of your sample and place it on a clean, dry slide.
  2. Place one drop of water over your sample.
  3. Place the coverslip at a 45-degree angle with one edge touching the water and let go.
  4. Your slide is ready to be viewed.

What 4 materials must be used in order to make a wet mount slide?

Activity: Wet Mounting a Specimen

  1. A compound microscope like THIS or any of THESE.
  2. Slide.
  3. Cover slip.
  4. Water.
  5. Dropper.
  6. Tweezers.
  7. Specimen (some thread fibers will do fine)

How do you prepare a wet mount specimen?

In a wet mount, a drop of water is used to suspend the specimen between the slide and cover slip. Place a sample on the slide. Using a pipette, place a drop of water on the specimen. Then place on edge of the cover slip over the sample and carefully lower the cover slip into place using a toothpick or equivalent.

What precautions should be taken when preparing a wet mount?

While preparing wet mount of a specimen using water or Vaseline, following precautions should be taken:

  1. use appropriate amount of water or Vaseline.
  2. no air bubble should be present under the cover slip.
  3. mount should not be thicker as thicker mounts do not produce clear image of the specimen.

What is slide preparation?

Microscope slide preparation is the process of readying a slide for observation under an optical microscope. Standard techniques, such as wet mounting, dry mounting, and smearing, are used under certain circumstances to observe specimens under a microscope.

What is the value of a wet mount preparation?

What is the value of a wet-mount preparation in the clinical laboratory? The value of a wet-mount prep in the clinical lab is being able to see a living specimen and look for motility, which aids in identity of the organism.

What is a wet prep procedure?

A vaginal wet mount (or vaginal smear or wet prep) is a gynecologic test wherein a sample of vaginal discharge is observed by wet mount microscopy by placing the specimen on a glass slide and mixing with a salt solution. It is used to find the cause of vaginitis and vulvitis.

What liquid is used to make a wet mount?

Wet mounts can be made using several different kinds of liquids. Water, immersion oil and glycerin (glycerol) can be used, with water probably being the most commonly used. The source of the water is quite important, especially when observing living specimens.

What is an advantage of using a wet mount preparation?

What is the advantage of using a wet mount? The motility of a specimen can be viewed under a microscope, The specimen can be viewed as living cells.

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