How do you mount a GPS on a dashboard?

How do you mount a GPS on a dashboard?

The best place to put GPS in car would be on the left and lower side of your dashboard so it doesn’t obstruct your view. That’s not only the best position but it is also the legal position for GPS in car. Mounting it involves attaching a holder or suction cup to the surface.

What size is the ball mount on a Garmin GPS?

The 17mm Garmin ball clips into most Gamrin portable navigation device mounts, and then adapts to a 1″ Ball for use with the RAM mount B-size system for more secure mounting options.

How do I keep my GPS from falling off my windshield?

You can warm the suction cup(s) with your hand or treat them like takeout food and warm them with your seat heaters. Using the defogger, blow hot air on the windshield for at least 10 minutes, then pull over in a safe place and apply the warm suction cup(s).

How do I get my car mount to stick to my dashboard?

A flat plastic disc with adhesive backing to stick to your dash, like this one….Some creative ideas for phone mount placements include:

  1. smooth plastic surfaces on the front panel of the dash, e.g. around the stereo or next to air vents.
  2. smooth plastic surfaces on elevated center consoles.

Where can I legally mount my GPS?

According to the California GPS windshield law, you can mount a portable GPS device or smartphone holder on the windshield in one of two locations:

  • In a seven-inch square in the lower corner of the windshield on the passenger side.
  • In a five-inch square in the lower corner of the windshield nearest to the driver.

Is it illegal to have a phone mount?

The New California Hands-Free Law Starting January 1, 2017, California Assembly Bill 1785 makes it illegal to use your phone – or technically, “a handheld wireless telephone or a wireless electronic communication device” – while driving unless you’re using it hands-free and voice-operated.

Are all Garmin ball mounts the same size?

So here’s a quick overview of the various ball sizes: 17mm: common to Garmin GPS and most Magellan GPS. 15.6mm: this is TomTom GPS size. 1-inch: this ball can be used with RAM Mount components to give your mount a nicer look.

What are the RAM mount ball sizes?

Weight Capacities

  • B size 1″ ball mount for units up to .91kg weight (approx 2 lbs)
  • C size 1.5″ ball mount for units up to 1.81kg weight (approx 4 lbs)
  • D size 2.25″ ball mount for units up to 2.72kg weight (approx 6 lbs)
  • E size 3.38″ ball mount for units up to 6.8kg weight (approx 15 lbs)

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