How do you install a grease fitting drive?

How do you install a grease fitting drive?

How to install a drive type grease fitting

  1. Ensure the grease fitting is the proper fitment for the hole to which it is being applied.
  2. Place a grease fitting drive tool over the top of the grease fitting.
  3. Place the shank of the grease fitting into the hole, ensuring it is perpendicular to the mating component.

What is a drive type grease fitting?

Drive Type Grease Fittings are designed for fast production line installation in untapped holes to avoid thread tapping costs. Drive Type Grease Fittings have a serrated shank, which facilitates the substitution of damaged grease fittings in old or oversize holes.

How do pressure relief grease fittings work?

Pressure-Relief Vent Fitting This fitting works as a pressure-relief valve at the grease plug (or outlet). When the design pressure (typically 1 to 5 psi) is exceeded, the valve will open and vent off grease. When the pressure is relieved, the valve will close to form a seal like a normal grease plug.

Are there different types of grease fittings?

There are three major thread types for grease fittings: metric, taper or parallel, and unified. M5, M6, M7, M8, and M10 are common metric threads. British standard pipe (BSP), pipe thread fine (PTF), and national pipe thread fine (NPTF) fittings use tapered or parallel threads.

How often should you grease Zerk fittings?

I usually grease every every 3000 miles.

How do you unblock grease from nipples?

Load up a Grease Buster with Liquid Wrench, Mineral spirits, or any penetrating oil, and tap the piston a few times. As tempting as it may be, don’t smash the thing with a hammer – the point is to use vibration to get the oil in there and slowly break up the clog, not to blast it through your bearings.

Are John Deere grease fittings metric?

John Deere Classic 21 Piece Metric Grease Fittings Assortment in 6, 8, and 10 mm thread sizes. 21 assorted metric grease fittings in nine of the most popular styles and sizes are contained in an easy-to-handle, sturdy plastic box with six separately labeled and illustrated compartments.

What size are the grease fittings?

For example, a 1/4-28 inch grease fitting has a nominal diameter of 1/4 inch and has 28 TPI. For metric grease fittings, thread size is the nominal diameter and thread pitch, which is the distance between each thread measured in millimeters.

How do you remove a grease fitting?

Gently tap the grease fitting cleaner with a small hammer; this will force either oil or air into the fitting, depending on the type of grease fitting cleaner, and effectively unclog the fitting. Unscrew and remove any clogged grease fittings and pins with a wrench if they cannot be unclogged through the steps above.

What thread is a grease zerk?

The included angle of the thread for a 1/4″-28 taper thread grease zerk is 60º. Taper thread grease fittings include a dirt-excluding ball check. Taper thread grease fittings are also referred to as taper thread zerk fittings, taper thread grease zerks, or a taper thread zerk.

What is a pressure fitting?

Pressure Fittings. Pressure fittings are used in residential and commercial systems such as potable water and fire sprinkler applications. NIBCO metal fittings are made from the highest quality raw materials. Wrot fittings are made from commercially pure copper mill products per ASTM B75 Alloy C12200 and conform to material…

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