How do you get Yaschas Massif 100 AF?

How do you get Yaschas Massif 100 AF?

Yaschas Massif 100 AF

  1. Start by heading to the command center and check the side of the conference table to find a hidden crate with a ‘Bulb of Hope’.
  2. Return to the Pass of Paddra and talk to Ruby of Grief not far from where the picture frame was for the Siegrune’s Spiritbloom Fragment quest.

Where is the graviton core in Oerba?

Oerba 400 AF – Graviton Core Zeta You can find this core at the beach. It is slightly east of the school, near the water. You could imagine an horizontal line between the two spheres found in the school and search east across it.

Where are all the graviton cores in Final Fantasy 13 2?

Final Fantasy 13-2 Graviton Core Locations

  • Graviton Core Alpha – New Bodum AF003.
  • Graviton Core Beta – Bresha Ruins AF005.
  • Graviton Core Gamma – Oerba AF200.
  • Graviton Core Delta – Academia AF400.
  • Graviton Core Epsilon – Yascha Massif AF100.
  • Graviton Core Eta – Sunleth Waterscape AF400.
  • Graviton Core Zeta – Oerba AF400.

What happened at the end of ff13 2?

As revealed in the secret ending, “The Goddess is Dead,” Caius is alive and within Etro’s Throne Room in the Void Beyond. He gloats how Serah and Noel unknowingly helped him create a new world where both he and Yeul are freed from their respective curses as the chaos erupts from Etro’s Temple.

How many endings are in ff13 2?

In addition to the true ending of Final Fantasy XIII-2, there are eight alternate endings referred to as “Paradox Endings”. These eight endings can only be triggered by doing certain tasks in the worlds.

Is Serah dead Final Fantasy?

In Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, saving Serah’s soul is Lightning’s main motivation when she becomes the savior….

Serah Farron
Last Appearance Lightning Returns – Final Fantasy XIII
Death Final Fantasy XIII – 2 (Temporary)
Cause of Death Dies from seeing a vision of the future. (Temporary)
Status Alive

Does ff13 2 have different endings?

Do Snow and Serah ever get married?

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Fragments Before Serah learns how to fight with weapons and discovers she has more fighting prowess than she knew. Having yet to marry, Serah and Snow live together in the NORA House.

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