How do you gather stats for a partitioned table?

How do you gather stats for a partitioned table?


  1. STEP 1: Gather stats for any one partition say P185. EXEC dbms_stats.
  2. STEP 2: Generate script for rest of the remaining partition like shown below.
  3. STEP 3: After gather statistics you can lock the stats.

How do you gather stats on a table in Oracle 11g?

gather_schema_stats(ownname=>’Amit_Schema’, estimate_percent=>DBMS_STATS. AUTO_SAMPLE_SIZE); exec dbms_stats. gather_schema_stats(ownname => ‘Amit_Schema’, estimate_percent => 50);…

ownname This is nothing but the schema name
cascade This statement is used to Gather statistics on the indexes for this table.

What is stats gather in Oracle 11g?

The DBMS_STATS package can gather statistics on table and indexes and individual columns and partitions of tables. It does not gather cluster statistics. However, you can use DBMS_STATS to gather statistics on individual tables instead of the whole cluster.

What is stale partition Oracle?

This operation happens when database has the peak load. We do have some performace issues over this table.( SELECT queries) When reported to DBA, they would say the table statistics are stale and after they do “gathering stats”, magically the query works faster.

What is granularity in gather stats?

The GRANULARITY parameter will allow you to decide the level of stats to be taken, GLOBAL as a whole object, PARTITION or SUBPARTITION. Options for the GRANULARITY parameter: ‘GLOBAL’ – gathers global statistics. ‘ GLOBAL AND PARTITION ‘ – gathers the global and partition level statistics.

How do you analyze a partitioned table in hive?

ANALYZE TABLE Table1 COMPUTE STATISTICS FOR COLUMNS; to gather column statistics of the table (Hive 0.10. 0 and later). If Table1 is a partitioned table, then for basic statistics you have to specify partition specifications like above in the analyze statement.

How do you gather stats?

The DBMS_STATS package can gather statistics on indexes, tables, columns, and partitions, as well as statistics on all schema objects in a schema or database….Gathering Automated Statistics.

Value Meaning
GATHER STALE Gathers statistics on tables with stale statistics.
GATHER Gathers statistics on all tables. (default)

How gather stats work in Oracle?

When Oracle gathers system statistics, it analyzes system activity in a specified time period (workload statistics) or simulates a workload (noworkload statistics). The statistics are collected using the DBMS_STATS. GATHER_SYSTEM_STATS procedure. Oracle Corporation highly recommends that you gather system statistics.

What is gather stats in Oracle?

How do you check if gather stats is running?

If you have a long-running statistics job running, you can check it from v$session_longops: For example, you execute: SQL> EXECUTE dbms_stats. gather_dictionary_stats; PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

Why do we do gather stats in Oracle?

You must gather statistics on a regular basis to provide the optimizer with information about schema objects. New statistics should be gathered after a schema object’s data or structure are modified in ways that make the previous statistics inaccurate.

What is Cascade in gather stats?

The Oracle documentation notes that using the cascade option gathers statistics on the table, plus all indexes for the target table. Using this option is equivalent to running gather_table_stats plus running gather_index_stats for each index on the table.

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