How do you fix syntax error near unexpected token then?

How do you fix syntax error near unexpected token then?

One Approach to Fix Them All

  1. Run the script that contains the syntax error.
  2. Take note of the line mentioned by the Bash error.
  3. Execute the line with the error in a Bash shell to find the error fast (without having to change the script and rerun it multiple times).
  4. Update your script with the correct line of code.

What Is syntax error near unexpected token?

The error message syntax error near unexpected token `(‘ occurs in a Unix-type environment, Cygwin, and in the command-line interface in Windows. The main reasons why this error message occurs is either because of bad syntax or problem of the OS in interpreting another system’s commands/shell.

What is syntax error unexpected?

A syntax error appears when the ‘syntax’ of the rules are not followed correctly. It happens when the written code is not correct. For instance, there’s a missing semicolon, a misspelled word, or an additional bracket. An example of an unexpected error is this, “Parse error: unexpected character in path/to/php-file.

What is unexpected token error in Python?

bash: syntax error near unexpected token `(‘ – Python The error message indicates that the script gets executed by bash, not python. Try adding #!/usr/bin/python as the first line of the file.

How do you fix a syntax error?

To fix syntax errors, log in to your HostPapa dashboard and click My cPanel, then click File Manager.

  1. In File Manager, locate the file named in the error. Right-click the file and select Edit.
  2. Go to the line number specified in the error.
  3. When you’ve corrected the error, click Save Changes and close the file.

What is syntax error on token?

The JavaScript exceptions “unexpected token” occur when a specific language construct was expected, but something else was provided. This might be a simple typo.

What is Syntax error on token?

What is the syntax of while loop in shell programming?

Syntax. Here the Shell command is evaluated. If the resulting value is true, given statement(s) are executed. If command is false then no statement will be executed and the program will jump to the next line after the done statement.

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