How do you convert head loss to pressure?

How do you convert head loss to pressure?

Head (unit of length) can be converted to pressure by multiplying the value by the product of the specific gravity of the fluid and the pressure gradient of water.

How many PSI is a Meter of head?

By using our Meter of Head to PSI conversion tool, you know that one Meter of Head is equivalent to 1.42 PSI. Hence, to convert Meter of Head to PSI, we just need to multiply the number by 1.42.

How do you calculate head pressure?

Divide the depth in inches by 27.71-inches/psi, or the depth in feet by 2.31-feet/psi which are the English unit conversion factors. The result is the water head pressure expressed in psi.

How do you convert head to power?

The energy equation can be used to calculate head rise in pumps or fans

  1. ha = actual head rise (m fluid column)
  2. p = pressure (Pa, N/m2)
  3. γ = ρ g = specific weight of fluid (N/m3)
  4. g = acceleration of gravity (9.81 m/s2)

Is head equivalent to pressure?

By definition, ‘Head’ is a measure of energy. The units of energy are feet (or meters). ‘Pressure’ is a force applied against a unit of area such as a pound of force applied to a square inch of area (psi).

How do you calculate head and pressure head?

hp—the pressure head = u/γw—the fluid pressure divided by the unit weight of the fluid. ht—the total head = he + h.

How do you convert foot of head to Psi?

If the pressure switch setting is 30-50 psi, then the maximum pressure is 50 psi. Convert psi to feet of head using the following conversion: 1psi = 2.31 feet of head. Therefore, pressure head equals maximum operating pressure x 2.31 feet .

How do you convert head pressure to Psi?

Converting head in feet to pressure in psi. Pumps characteristic curves in feet of head can be converted to pressure – psi – by the expression: p = 0.433 h SG (1) where. p = pressure (psi) h = head (ft) SG = specific gravity of the fluid.

Calculating Head Pressure. Head Pressure is calculated and represented terms of feet (ft.) In order to calculate the total Head Pressure of your application, you’ll need to know the difference in elevation between where the water is being pumped from, to where the water is discharged.

How many feet of water in psi?

One atmosphere is approximately equal to 33 feet of sea water or 14.7 psi, which gives 4.9/11 or about 0.445 psi per foot.

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