How do you complete amphibious assault in San Andreas?

How do you complete amphibious assault in San Andreas?

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  1. Get to the docks.
  2. Swim to the tanker and get aboard.
  3. Sneak to the back of the tanker and plant the bug, be as quiet as possible to avoid the attention of the guards on onboard.
  4. You have planted the bug! Get off the tanker and back to the docks.

What is the hardest mission in San Andreas?

1) Supply Lines When it comes to hard missions in GTA San Andreas, a mission known as “Supply Lines” is probably the hardest players will face. Players had to fly a remote-controlled plane and destroy the couriers’ vans before completing their deliveries.

What is DYOM in GTA SA?

Design Your Own Mission (DYOM) is a mission mod for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas created by PatrickW and Dutchy3010. It allows users to create a new mission ingame, without writing a single line of SCM script. The mod works as a mission pack.

Can you beat San Andreas without cheats?

Originally Answered: Has any one played completed GTA San Andreas without using cheats? Yes, and believe me, the satisfaction you get by completing GTA SA without cheats is unparalleled. Though the cheats are made by the developers themselves, yet it is always much more exciting to complete the game without cheats.

How does DYOM work?

The DYOM scheme gives a student* opportunities to pursue self-directed learning, with up to 8 MCs allowed within the UE space during his or her candidature and will be graded on a ‘CS/CU’ (Completed Satisfactorily/Completed Unsatisfactorily) basis.

How do you create a mission on GTA San Andreas?

To start a mission, go to the Mission markers on the map. They are generally the First letter of the name of the person whose mission u are going to play. For Example, to start a mission from Sweet, you go to ‘S’ sign on the map and step on the red circle.

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