How do you cite a table in ACS?

How do you cite a table in ACS?

Referencing Figures and Tables Figures and tables should appear only after specific reference to them in the text, and they must appear in the same order in which they are referenced. Refer to figures and tables using their full labels, and capitalizing the word Figure or Table when it is followed by the figure number.

How do you write ACS format?

ACS (American Chemical Society) style By author-date: surname and year of publication in brackets. Reference list: The list of references appears at the end of the paper in numerical order if cited by number or in alphabetical order if cited by author-date. Use only the initials of the authors’ given names.

What should every figure label and caption include when using ACS style?

Captions include figure number and a brief, informative description preferably in non-sentence format. If adapting or using part of a figure/table, permission must be acquired and include a credit line in your caption. Figure titles should always go below figures, and table titles should always go above tables.

What special formatting should be used for the volume of a journal ACS?

2000, 122, 10033-10046. Note: Journal abbreviation and volume are italicized. However, issue number (if present) is not italicized. Year of publication is bolded.

Is et al italicized ACS?

If a reference is used more than once, it keeps the same superscript number throughout your paper. Example: Smith et al. Italicized numbers in parentheses – In-text citations are italicized numbers in parentheses at the end of the cited phrase or sentence.

Does ACS citation use hanging indent?

Each citation needs to be formatted with a half-inch hanging indent. Note: These examples are book and journal article citations. For more information on how to cite different types of resources, refer to the ACS Style Guide.

What font and size is ACS format?

Lettering should be no smaller than 4.5 points. (Helvetica or Arial type works well for lettering.) Lines should be no thinner than 0.5 point.

How do you cite a picture in ACS format?

Captions begin with the word “Figure” followed by the figure number. When cited, figures should be numbered consecutively using Arabic numerals. When referring to a figure in the text, write out the word “Figure” and use the number.

How do you in-text cite an ACS?

ACS indicates that in-text citations can be done in one of three ways:

  1. By superscript numbers: Oscillation in the reaction of benzaldehyde with oxygen was reported previously.
  2. By numbers in parentheses:
  3. By author name and year of publication in parentheses (author-date system):

How do I reference a website in ACS?

NOTE: The minimum required information for a website: the site title, URL, and date accessed. Include the author name if one is listed. Add “Home Page” to website titles as needed. ACS Publications Division Home Page.

How do you write et al in ACS format?

When it comes to the use of author names in text:

  1. Two authors: provide the surname of both authors, separated by the word “and” O’Brien and Alenno (10) reported that…
  2. More than two authors: provide the surname of the first author listed, and then “et al.” Finnegan et al. (11) described the importance of…

What is the ACS format for writing a report?

ACS (American Chemical Society) format 1 Header 2 Abstract. Abstracts should include the overall figure of the reaction. 3 The body paragraphs (Explanation of the structure of overall paper) Your instructor may have said to make your report have a story. 4 Acknowledgment. 5 ACS (American Chemical Society) citation.

What is ACS style used for?

Developed by the American Chemical Society, this style may be used for research papers in the field of chemistry. This guide provides examples of the most commonly cited types of sources used by Williams College students. For additional examples and explanations, see The ACS Guide to Scholarly Communication.

What is the ACS format for organic chemistry?

This ACS Format pertains to formal reports for organic chemistry research publications, Chemistry 347, and Chemistry 348. The header should include Abstracts should include the overall figure of the reaction.

What is the default font size for ACS format?

Unlike the major formats such as MLA or APA, ACS requires of you 10 font size in the entire document. Do not double-space the text (the type with a full space between lines) — leave it single-spaced as set by default in your MS Word software.

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