How do you breach the citadel in Halo 3?

How do you breach the citadel in Halo 3?

Breach the Citadel Grab the turret from the downed Brute and open fire, mowing them down. As soon as their presence is lessened, make haste to the lift and down it back down. Great, more Flood, and even more enemies. We suggest running like the dickens for the door, leaping over anything in the way.

What mission is the Covenant?

The Covenant is the eighth campaign level of Halo 3. The level takes place on The Ark. In this level, the player must stop Prophet of Truth from firing the rings.

Where is the Ark Halo 3?

The Ark is the seventh campaign level of Halo 3. It takes place in a desert that comprises one of the center-most regions of the Ark, located 218 light-years outside the Milky Way galaxy’s center.

How do you destroy the anti air cannon in Halo 3?

Speaking of which, look up to find the weak point on the base of the turret – it’s an egg shaped obtrusion that pops out whenever it fires a blast. Fire shots at the glowing part, on its backside to destroy it (the nearby turret, mentioned in the above paragraph is ideal here).

How do you beat Cortana?

Know how to use grenades. Get the most out of your grenades, use them on clusters of flood, but keep at least two stickies (anything that is not a Frag). These are particularly effective against Carrier Forms because they kill not only the Carrier Forms themselves, but also the Infection Forms inside them.

Was high charity destroyed?

High Charity was completely destroyed in the resulting explosions, with only the outer structure remaining when Installation 08 was fired, its debris showering the inactive Installation and the Ark below. Unfortunately, the Gravemind still managed to escape.

How many races are in the Covenant?

Let’s take a look at the eight Covenant races seen throughout the Halo series, and explain the religious organization’s primary motivation for destroying everything good in the galaxy.

Why is Zeta Halo broken?

After 032 Mendicant Bias was defeated in his plan, the IsoDidact, out to save the life stored on the ring’s interior, arrived and ejected the damaged sections of the Halo in order to reduce its mass allowing it to transition through a small slipspace portal, necessary due to Installation 07’s severely drained power …

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