How do you bleed a treble circuit?

How do you bleed a treble circuit?

To conduct your own treble-bleed network experiments, solder two wires to the input and output of the volume pot and connect alligator clips on the other ends. If you let the two wires hang out from under the pickguard for fast access, you can easily try every combination of cap and resistor.

What is a treble bleed kit?

A treble-bleed (high-pass) circuit allows the highs to “bleed” (or pass) through the volume pot even as it is turned down. “It’s a common modification people have been doing for a while,” said Jonathan Parrish, a Fender engineer who designed the treble-bleed circuits in the American Professional Series guitars.

Does treble need bleeding?

Should you decide that a treble bleed circuit is for you, remember this: The modification is completely reversible, once installed it will not affect the tone of your guitar when the volume pot is turned all the way up (max volume). Basses and guitars with on board active circuits do not need treble bleed circuits.

How does a treble bleed mod work?

At its core, a treble bleed mod is the simple (and completely reversible) addition of a capacitor, on its own or paired with a resistor, to your guitar’s volume pot. That’s all it takes to ensure your treble “bleeds” through, no matter where you have your volume control.

Does treble bleed affect tone?

2: Treble bleed mod can have NO effect on your guitar tone when the volume pot is on 10 as the capacitor (and its resistor if present) are short circuited. Conversely, the higher the value of the resistor, the more treble is passed by the capacitor. However, a parallel resistor affects the taper of the volume pot.

What does the resistor do in a treble bleed circuit?

Resistors are components which resist the flow of electrical current. When used in a treble bleed circuit they attenuate the high frequencies to keep the signal frequency balanced.

What does an orange drop capacitor do?

For Gibson’s guitars, Orange Drop capacitors provide the stability and precision—therefore, consistent tone—that professionals expect. Other precision capacitors would be suitable, but Orange Drop capacitors have a well-deserved reputation for quality that has proven itself for close to half a century.

What is Clapton woman tone?

Eric Clapton transformed his guitar into a Ouija board for 1967’s “Sunshine of Your Love,” conjuring a sound for his solo that was so sweet, strange, high-voiced and spectral that it demanded a name. He called it “Woman Tone.” Clapton used that sound repeatedly in Cream. Zeroing in on “Woman Tone” isn’t rocket science.

How do I get Eric Clapton’s tone?

Clapton used an SG and a marshall stack in the cream era. Best way to replicate his tone is to get a humbucker equiped guitar and a cranked valve amp, use the neck humbucker with the tone rolled all the way off, and then throw a half cocked wah pedal in between the guitar and amp.

What is treble bleed on a guitar?

The treble bleed circuit is one of the easiest mods that you can perform on your guitar. It’s one that might require extensive experimenting, however, before you’re able to get it perfect. The treble bleed is meant to preserve treble loss as you turn down the volume control on your guitar.

What volume pot should I use for treble bleed?

If your playing style depends heavily on this effect, you might want to try it out before you make the treble bleed mod permanent. The common values for volume pots are 250k for single coil pickups and 500k for humbucker pickups, but you can use any value from 250k to 1 mega-ohm if your ear says it sounds right.

Does treble bleed affect overdrive?

Each one of the values affects the other, and the result is entirely dependent on your personal tastes. The one downside to the treble bleed circuit is that it will affect the way your guitar “cleans up” when you turn down the volume when you’re using overdrive, especially tube overdrive.

What are the capacitor and resistor values for treble bleed?

The capacitor values are very small, usually 0.001 µF or less and are usually of the ceramic disc variety. The higher the values are, the brighter the tone will get as the Volume gets turned down. The resistors range from 80k to about 300k and higher values lead to a brighter tone. There are three versions of the treble bleed circuit

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