How do you become a master gunner in the Army?

How do you become a master gunner in the Army?

Must be in the grade of SGT E-5 to SFC E-7. Must possess the MOS of 19K, 19D, 11B, 13F, 12B or USMC equivalent. Must have a GT score of 100. Must have successfully completed the following: Gunnery Skills Test (GST) tasks Vehicle ID, M240, M2A1, and MK19 IAW TC 3- 20.31-1.

What is master gunner school?

Master gunner, commonly referred to as “Mike Golf,” is also an advanced skill school of the armor, infantry and artillery branches of the U.S. Army, and armor branch of the U.S. Marine Corps. It requires a high degree of skill and test-taking ability, leading to a low graduation rate.

How long is Bradley leader course?

Sergeants and entry-level officers learn turret operations and gunnery skills in the seven-week Bradley Leaders Course (BLC) at Fort Benning.

What rank is a gunner in the Army?

Gunner (Gnr) is a rank equivalent to private in the British Army Royal Artillery and the artillery corps of other Commonwealth armies. The next highest rank is usually lance-bombardier, although in the Royal Canadian Artillery it is bombardier.

What rank is master gunner in the Army?

Master gunner is an appointment of the warrant officer rank in the British and United States armed forces.

What rank is a master gunner?

How long is Stryker Leader Course?

three week
This is a three week resident course taught which uses hands-on, performance-oriented training and simulations as the primary methods of instruction. Stryker Leader Course is designed to train selected Officers from 2LT-MAJ and Noncommissioned Officers from SGT-MSG to provide future SLC Leaders.

How long is Army reconnaissance course?

United States Army Reconnaissance and Surveillance Leaders Course (RSLC) (formerly known as the Long Range Surveillance Leaders Course, or LRSLC) is a 29-day (four weeks and one day) school designed on mastering reconnaissance fundamentals of officers and non-commissioned officers eligible for assignments to those …

What is master gunner Common Core?

Course Description This method allows Soldiers and leaders to maximize the effects of lethal fires against the enemy while reducing or eliminating the effects of fires on friendly or neutral personnel, equipment, or facilities.

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