How do I view infotypes in SAP HR?

How do I view infotypes in SAP HR?

Display an Infotype Step 1 − Search an Infotype using Personnel number and T-code: PA30 or PA20. Step 2 − In the new window, enter the personnel number and press Enter. Step 3 − Select the Infotype you want to display. Click F7 or the icon at the top.

What are the infotypes in SAP HR?

List Of Important Info types:

  • Personal Data (International)
  • Addresses (Infotype 0006)
  • Bank Details (Infotype 0009)
  • Challenge (infotype 0004)
  • Personal Data (Infotype 0002)
  • Family/Related Person (Infotype 0021)
  • Internal Medical Service (Infotype 0028.
  • Personnel Actions (International)

What is ZL table in SAP HR?

ZL it stores time wage types . It is basically a cluster which we have to import for calulation of the salary on the basis of attendance. For particular employee you can check in the log.

How do I find employee information in SAP?

  1. Managers and Payroll Coordinators can use the SAP transaction PA20 (Display Employee Master Data) to view an employee’s information via WebGUI (ECC System).
  2. From the results, click on the row containing the name you.
  3. On clicking Overview on the menu bar, a user can see a.
  4. The Planned working time infotype IT0007 contains.

What are SAP infotypes?

In the SAP System, the information units used to enter master data are called infotypes . Infotypes are used to group related data fields together. They provide information with a structure, facilitate data entry, and enable you to store data for specific periods.

What are the infotypes required for a payroll process?

There are some important infotypes that need to be maintained for processing the payroll and time. 0007 (Planned Working Time) 0008 (Basic Pay) 0009 (Bank Details)

What infotypes are in the employee data?

International infotypes used in PY-BR Incorporates the employee into the organizational structure and personnel structure. position assigned to the employee and the job from which the position was created. Stores employee identification data, such as name, birth date, marital status, and gender.

How do I find out employee details?

Know Your Employee Id, Your Details on Employee Information System (EIS) Website

  1. Below screen will be appear.
  2. Click on Drop down menu and Select the Search by Name if you want.
  3. After click on Search button.
  4. Below screen will be appear.
  5. Enter your Name.
  6. Enter your Surname.
  7. Select your Date of Birth.
  8. Then Cilck on Search Button.

How do I create a HR master record in SAP?


  1. To maintain the HR master data, choose. Human Resources Personnel Management Administration HR Master Data Maintain.
  2. Enter the Personnel No. .
  3. Enter data for the following infotypes: Personal data (0002)
  4. Use the input help (F4) under Direct Selection , to select the following data:
  5. Choose to save your entries.

How do I terminate an employee in SAP HR?

  1. Go to Personnel Administration work center.
  2. Select Regular Tasks view.
  3. Select Terminate an Employee link.
  4. Select the Employee.
  5. Enter other mandatory details.
  6. Select Save and Close button.

What is use of PU03 in SAP?

Infotype 0003 (Payroll Status Infotype) or TCode for the same is PU03, works as a central part for Employee’s Master Data. This Infotype is updated automatically at backend whenever an employee is hired, or any changes are made in Master Data of an employee.

What is Ppome in SAP?

PPOME is a transaction code used for Change Organization and Staffing in SAP. It comes under the package SP0E. When we execute this transaction code, OM_START_NF is the normal standard SAP program that is being executed in background.

What are the tables and infotypes used in SAP HR module?

Detailed full list of tables and infotypes used in SAP HR module. If you want to download or read this complete list in PDF format click here. PA2010 HR Time Record- Infotype 2010 (Employee Remuneration Info.) PA0014 HR Master Record- Infotype 0014 (Recur. Payments/Deds.)

How to create an InfoType in HRM?

To create an Infotype follow the given steps − Step 1 − Use T-code: PA30. Step 2 − A new window Maintain HR Master Data opens. Enter the personnel number and press Enter. Step 3 − Enter the Infotype you wish to select for a new record and click the Create button.

What are the different types of recruitment tables?

All recruitment tables start with PB and infotype number behind it. There also are HR tables that start with HRA, HPD, HRT, etc.

What are the sap HCM HR tables?

SAP HCM (HR) SAP HR TABLES. All personnel administration tables start with PA and the infotype number behind it. All personnel development/OM tables start with HRP and infotype (e.g. 1000) behind it. All recruitment tables start with PB and infotype number behind it.

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