How do I update my chipset drivers?

How do I update my chipset drivers?

How to Update Chipset Drivers

  1. Right-click the Start menu and select Device Manager from the context menu.
  2. In the Device Manager window, expand the System devices categories and right-click the chipset driver that you want to update, then select the Update driver option from the context menu.

Does Windows Update update chipset?

There’s no specific rule or policy that would exclude chipset drivers from Windows Update (at least not that I’m aware of). It’s up to each manufacturer to submit their drivers to Microsoft, who will then make those drivers available through Windows Update (provided they pass the WHQL testing, of course).

What is Hyperion Pro?

The VIA Hyperion Pro drivers contain all of the main platform drivers for VIA chipsets. VIA chipset and graphics drivers released for use with these operating systems are available from our VIA Driver Downloads Portal; however, VIA no longer supports these driver packages.

Do you need to update chipset?

You probably don’t need to update the chipset drivers. If there was anything critical needed, it would probably appear through Windows Update, if you haven’t disabled driver updates.

How do I find my chipset driver version?

Search for “device manager’ in windows and see there. Right click on a chipset (might find under “system devices” too), select properties, go to driver tab and check the version.

How do you check if my chipset drivers are up to date?

Go to the Motherboard manufacturer’s website and compare the chipset driver currently installed on your computer to the latest one listed on their website. If the driver is out of date, download and install the latest version.

What is a chipset update?

The term chipset driver usually refers to a small computer file that is required for a computer operating system (OS) to recognize the motherboard inside a computer and work with it. Drivers and driver updates can commonly be downloaded from a motherboard manufacturer’s website.

Should I update BIOS or chipset first?

It doesn’t matter which order you do it in.

How do I know if my drivers are updated?

Inside the Device Manager, right-click on the device you want to check on. In the following pop-up menu, click “Update driver.” A new window will appear. Click “Search automatically for updated driver software” to see if Windows can find a newer driver for your device.

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