How do I turn off general chat in swtor?

How do I turn off general chat in swtor?

Right click the chat tab, click Chat Settings, deselect General. Done.

How do I turn off companion Swtor?

Hit the ~ button and bring up the companion bar. Once you do that, right click on the abilities that you want to deactivate.

How do you talk to your companion in private Swtor?

You can talk to your companion either in a Cantina or on your Starship. Something that might help you with getting those conversations, just right click on your companion and listen to what they tell you. If they say “I want to talk to you in private”, then either the cantina or the ship will do.

How do I make a companion passive in swtor?

CTRL+2 will set to passive and CTRL+1 will set to attack.

How do you whisper Swtor?

Whisper. This channel is used for private communications with another player. To send a user a message, you type “/whisper Player_Name Your message goes here”.

How do you get orange text in swtor?

Just put a forward slash and an E in front of whatever you want to type.

How do you unlock Z0 in swtor?

SWTOR: How to unlock Z0-0M

  1. Purchase and use the Cartel Market item, “HK-55 Chapter: Shroud of Memory“.
  2. Launch and complete Knights of the Fallen Empire, Chapter IX (The Alliance).
  3. Complete the mission, “To Find a Findsman”.
  4. Launch and complete the Alliance Alert, “Arma Rasa”.

Can you have 2 companions Swtor?

Each class has two romanceable companions — a female one if you’re playing a male character, and a male one if you’re playing a female character. It’s up to you to decide whether this is something you want to pursue or it goes against you and your character’s motivations.

How do you talk to your companion in private?

3 Answers. You need to go to a private place, such as your ship or a cantina. You’ll need to find some privacy before your companion will open up to you. In other words: once you get your own ship, speak to them there.

How do you switch companions in swtor?

As stated, push “N” to bring up the crew window. Then you will see your list of companions and on the right side across from each of your companions is a button you can press that summons that companion.

How do you open chat in swtor?

You can type in general chat by first typing /general or /1 in the chat box. An easy way to start typing in chat is to hit “Enter” – or you can click on it manually. The two other planetary-wide channels are “trade” and “pvp”.

What is the chat system in SWTOR?

SWTOR Chat Guide. The Chat System is the primary way of communicating with others in Star wars: The Old Republic. You can use it to chat socially with others, find groups to play with, and ask for and offer help – and there’s a whole lot of ways to customize it.

How do you chat in Star Wars?

There are also three local channels – they can only be seen by those near you. “say” chat is often used for roleplay, shows up as white text, and you can chat in it by typing /say. “say” chat is currently the ONLY channel that can be seen by a member of the opposite factions – so a Jedi and a Sith could talk together in say chat!

How do I Turn Off general chat in League of Legends?

If you do not want to see a chat at all, you can “turn it off” by unchecking the box on the right of the chat’s name. Many players uncheck “general” chat because if often contains political talk and immaturity, because of its open nature.

How do I join or leave a channel in SWTOR?

To join a channel, type “/cjoin”, a space, then the channels name. To leave a channel, same process, except type “/cleave”. If you are new to a server, try checking the forums to find out if there are any widely-used channels you can join!

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