How do I tell what year my Snapper mower is?

How do I tell what year my Snapper mower is?

Find the engine code on the plate. The engine code is a 12-digit number. The first two digits denote the year that your mower was manufactured. For example, if the first two digits of the engine code are “98,” your mower was manufactured in 1998, and “04” would indicate a 2004 Snapper mower.

What model snapper do I have?

The model number and serial number label on a Snapper Riding Mower is located on the lower right-hand side of the frame above the right front tire. Look up your Snapper Riding Mower Parts.

Who makes Snapper Zerotrovers?

Briggs & Stratton
As a part of the Briggs & Stratton, Snapper headquarters is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The American company provides more than 3,000 American jobs, assembling Briggs engines in plants throughout the United States. Still have questions about the Snapper brand or manufacturing practices?

How do I identify a Snapper lawn mower?

To find the model number of your Snapper Lawn Tractor, look for a white tag on the back of the mower, which, on most models, is located just behind the seat. Once you locate the model number, input it into the model field in our Snapper Parts Lookup and it will list the parts pertaining to that model only.

How can I tell how old my lawnmower is?

By locating the serial number tag on your machine, you can easily determine your mower’s age. If you have the owner’s manual for your mower, you can also check the date printed on the inside of the manual. This date should be one year after the mower’s manufacture date.

Who bought out snapper?

In 2002 Snapper was acquired by Simplicity Manufacturing, which was then acquired by Briggs & Stratton in 2004. Since then the Snapper brand name has been added to products such as weed trimmers, hedge trimmers, leaf blowers, among others.

Who makes Snapper mowers for Walmart?

Briggs & Stratton’s
The Snapper mowers are manufactured in cooperation with one of Briggs & Stratton’s engine customers. All walk and ride mowers sold at Walmart feature Briggs & Stratton engines that, along with the mowers themselves, are assembled in the United States, the company said.

How do you adjust the belt tension on a Snapper riding lawn mower?

Pull the riding mower front frame assembly forward by hand. Measure the belt spacing, pulling the front frame assembly forward until the belt spacing is 1 1/4 inches between the mower belt and belt idler pulley. Tighten the frame anchor bolts with a wrench when you achieve 1 1/4 inch spacing.

What size belt does a Snapper riding lawn mower take?

Snapper models 355Z, 360Z and 400Z take a deck drive belt 151 1/4 inches long and 1/2 inch wide on both 44- and 50-inch decks, reveals Manuals Lib. Snapper carries this belt under part number 5023256. When you remove this belt, use the lever on the idler pulley to release the tension.

What mower did Forrest Gump use?

Snapper machine
Until they saw Forrest Gump cutting his lawn, most folks who grew up on smaller properties hadn’t heard of a rear-engine rider. But as charming as the film may be, the 1962 Snapper machine that the title character made famous has long been overdue for an upgrade.

What is the Snapper re210 rear engine rider?

Including a larger engine and a hydrostatic transmission, the Snapper RE210 Rear Engine Riderprovides a quicker mow time with a 33″ deck and pre-set speeds to eliminate manual clutching. These rear engine riders offer effortless steering and tighter turning radius than most.

What kind of engine do you put in a snapper mower?

These rear engine riders offer effortless steering and tighter turning radius than most. A Hi-VAC mower deck makes collecting grass clippings efficient and easy, perfect for bagging. Briggs & Stratton Engine: This mower is the most powerful Snapper rear engine rider with a 15.5hp Briggs and Stratton 4-Cycle engine with AVS (anti-vibration system).

How do I Find my snapper model number?

Model numbers can be found on the Product Identification Tag located on your Snapper product. They are used to look up your product’s Operator’s Manual and Illustrated Parts Lists. Find Your Model Number See examples of model number variations below.

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