How do I study for the NCCCO exam?

How do I study for the NCCCO exam?

The handbook is available for free download off of the website (

  1. Forget how you do it on a daily basis.
  2. The exams require experience.
  3. Answer every question.
  4. Study the load charts.
  5. Pay Attention.
  6. Do your homework.
  7. Recertification.
  8. See #1.

What is eccentric main boom tip Reeving?

Eccentric main boom tip reeving causes: Twisting of the boom. How many randomly broken wires must there be to remove a running wire rope from service? 6 OSHA and ANSI.

How long does it take to get NCCCO practical test results?

approximately 12 business days
Results are available approximately 12 business days after the exam date for written exams. Results of tests taken via computer-based testing (CBT) are provided before leaving the testing facility. Practical exam results are available within approximately 12 business days after receipt of the exams by NCCCO.

How many questions are on the NCCCO core test?

The core examination has 90 multiple-choice questions. Candidates are allowed 90 minutes to complete the core examination. Each specialty examination consists of 26 multiple-choice questions. Candidates are allowed 60 minutes to complete each specialty examination.

What is anti two block in a crane?

Anti two-block or ATB systems help prevent the ball block from contacting the boom tip. This is called two-blocking and can cause injury or death as well as damage to the crane, load line and ball or block. The ATB switch connects to the crane’s LMAP system through a wire or battery-powered transmitter.

What is Reeving on a crane?

Reeving (rope): The reeving of the hoist is the path of the rope between the hoist and the load block. Double reeving is two parts of wire rope leading off of the drum, one from each end of the drum, creating a hook movement referred to as True Vertical Lift.

How many questions is the crane?

The mobile crane operator written examinations consist of a core examination in crane operation and up to four crane specialty examinations. Certification requires competency in both the core and one or more specialty designation(s). The core examination has 90 multiple-choice questions.

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