How do I separate first middle and last name in SQL?

How do I separate first middle and last name in SQL?

I would do this as an iterative process.

  1. Dump the table to a flat file to work with.
  2. Write a simple program to break up your Names using a space as separator where firsts token is the first name, if there are 3 token then token 2 is middle name and token 3 is last name.
  3. Eyeball the results.

How can I get first name and last name in SQL?

SELECT. left(NAME, charindex(‘ ‘, NAME) – 1) AS ‘FirstName’, REVERSE(SUBSTRING(REVERSE(NAME), 1, CHARINDEX(‘ ‘, REVERSE(NAME)) – 1)) AS ‘LastName’

How can I join two names in SQL?

SQL Server CONCAT() Function

  1. Add two strings together: SELECT CONCAT(‘W3Schools’, ‘.com’);
  2. Add 3 strings together: SELECT CONCAT(‘SQL’, ‘ is’, ‘ fun!’ );
  3. Add strings together (separate each string with a space character): SELECT CONCAT(‘SQL’, ‘ ‘, ‘is’, ‘ ‘, ‘fun!’ );

What is first name middle name and last name?

Here First Name is Ram, Middle name is Prasad and Last name is Srivastava. First is the one which is given to you when you born. Last name/surname is either your family name or your father name. For example in Tamilnadu we do use father name as last name but in Andhrapradesh they use their family name as last name.

How Do You Get First Name Middle Name Last Name in SQL?

  1. select FirstName +’ ‘+ MiddleName +’ ‘ + Lastname as Name from TableName.
  2. select CONCAT(FirstName , ‘ ‘ , MiddleName , ‘ ‘ , Lastname) as Name from TableName.
  3. select Isnull(FirstName,’ ‘) +’ ‘+ Isnull(MiddleName,’ ‘)+’ ‘+ Isnull(Lastname,’ ‘) from TableName.

How Do You Get first name Middle Name Last Name in SQL?

How do I email first name and last name in SQL?

select regexp_substr(email, ‘^[^.]+ ‘) as firstname, regexp_substr(email, ‘[^. @]+’, 1, 2) as lastname, regexp_+substr(email, ‘[^@]+$’) as provider from (select ‘[email protected]’ as email from dual) x; Here is a db<>fiddle.

What is the trim function used for in SQL?

The TRIM() function removes the space character OR other specified characters from the start or end of a string. By default, the TRIM() function removes leading and trailing spaces from a string. Note: Also look at the LTRIM() and RTRIM() functions.

How do I combine first name middle name and last name in Oracle?

For Oracle it is : Select firstname+’ ‘+lastname from emp; or select concat(firstname,lastname) Name from emp; (As far as I remember concat in oracle can not take more than two arguments). So if you want to concatenate more than two fields it is better to use the concatenation operator.

Is initial middle name?

The Initial is normally used for the middle names, and you write them as initials rather than the actual name. The Last Name is also your surname or family name, the name of your clan or affiliated family.

How do I find my first middle and last name?

To extract the first, middle and last name we use the formulas “LEFT”, “RIGHT”, “MID”, “LEN”, and “SEARCH” in Excel. LEFT: Returns the first character(s) in a text string based on the number of characters specified. RIGHT:Return the last character(s) in a text string based on the number of characters specified.

How to combine first middle and last names in SQL Server?

Below is the correct way of combining first, middle and last name without extra space in between first and middle name. In SQL Server 2012 there is a new function called CONCAT that accepts multiple string values including NULLs as arguments.

How do I isolate first and last names in SQL Server 2016?

Here is a pre SQL Server 2016 method, which uses basic string functions to isolate the first and last names. SELECT SUBSTRING(fullname, 1, CHARINDEX(‘ ‘, fullname) – 1) AS Firstname, SUBSTRING(fullname, CHARINDEX(‘ ‘, fullname) + 1, LEN(fullname) – CHARINDEX(‘ ‘, fullname)) AS Lastname FROM yourTable

How to select first name and last name from a list?

SELECT FirstName, MiddleName, LastName, Firstname + ‘ ‘ + ISNULL (MiddleName, ”) + ‘ ‘ + LastName AS FullName FROM tbStudent But if the middle name is null then there will be two spaces instead of one space in between first and last name as shown below.

How to handle null values in middle and last name columns?

First, Middle and Last Name columns are declared as Nullable. That means any of the columns values can be null. Then this can be correctly handled as: “A blog is nothing without reader’s feedback and comments.

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