How do I return a book to Maynooth library?

How do I return a book to Maynooth library?

Books can be returned to the returns bin located left of the library entrance. Items can be requested here. This service is free of charge and available for staff and all postgraduate students (Research and Taught). Items can be requested here.

How do I use Maynooth library?

Application must be made through the SCONUL website. The applicant will receive an authorisation email. To apply for access to Maynooth University Library Click here. SCONUL authorisation email and home institution ID must be presented on the first visit.

How do I book a slot in Maynooth library?

Step 1: Select a staff member. Step 2: Select an available date. Step 3: Select an available timeslot. Success!

Who built Maynooth?

John Stoyte
The College opened in the autumn of 1795 in a house recently built by John Stoyte, steward of the Duke. Though heavily remodelled in the 1950s, it is still distinguishable as the projection on the row of buildings facing the front gate, and it is still called Stoyte House. Maynooth is a historic spot.

Can I order a book from the library?

You can: Ask your local librarian if they take requests. Some libraries require physical proof of demand. Go to your library’s website (or library system) and look for a section called “Recommend a title” “Suggest a Title for Purchase” etc.

How do I join Kildare Library?

Contact [email protected] if you are interested in joining.

Is Maynooth a town or village?

Maynooth (/məˈnuːθ/; Irish: Maigh Nuad) is a university town in north County Kildare, Ireland.

Is Maynooth nice place to live?

It’s a lively town with plenty of heart just outside Dublin – many would say it has more going for it than other places on the commuter belt. It’s also a pretty place with family-friendly housing, canalside walks, and a main street that hasn’t been hollowed out by retail parks.

Can you join Dublin City library online?

You can join the library by visiting any branch or registering online . If you are under the age of 18 you must get the permission of a parent or guardian who must sign the necessary form.

How many libraries are in Kildare?

Co. Kildare network of 15 community libraries, mobile library, a nationwide reach to other libraries, wide range eServices, events, festivals and more . . .

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