How do I reset my Irv tech radio?

How do I reset my Irv tech radio?

Factory Default Restart Press and hold POWER button for 5 seconds -Unit will shut off. Restart unit by pressing the ON button. Factory defaults will be reset with this type of restart.

How do I reset my Irv 29 radio?

Helpful Expert Reply: According to Quest Audio Video, the manufacturer of your stereo unit, you’ll want to disconnect the power for at least 5 minutes which will do a hard reset on the unit.

Where is the reset button on iRV radio?

Since your stereo doesn’t have a reset button, you would need to remove the power from the unit by pulling the fuses or turning the battery disconnect switch and shut everything down. Let it be unplugged for a couple of minutes and then turn it back on.

How do I uninstall iRV technologies?

There are two black covers on each side of the unit that cover the screw holes. Remove those (should pull off or you can carefully use a small flat screwdriver to lift them off). Once removed, you’ll find six screw holes, three on each side.

Who makes Irv?

Through their pioneering designs, expert craftsmanship, and customer service efforts, they bring cutting edge products into the RV world. Based under the national OEM electrical distributor, QAV, they have over 100 years of knowledge and experience.

How do I pair my drive radio?

Step 1: Press the “Bluetooth” button on the stereo while powered on. Step 2″ On your phone, enable Bluetooth, then go into the settings and select “EEDV06”. Step 3: On your phone, enter “0000” as the pin when prompted. Step 4: Once the code is entered you should then again be prompted to accept the connection.

What is iRV app?

The iRV Control app allows a fast and easy Bluetooth connection to your RV’s smart control panel. Turn the light zones on or off, and control other utilities, like your water pump, water heaters and tank heaters of your RV.

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