How do I pay my Roanoke gas bill?

How do I pay my Roanoke gas bill?

Pay Online with a One Time Only Payment with your checking or savings account, debit or credit card here. Please note a convenience fee of $3.25 will apply for each payment. Pay by Phone by calling (540) 777-4427 with your checking account, savings account, debit or credit card information.

Does Roanoke Gas require a deposit?

You will be required to pay the full past due amount on the account, a reconnection fee and a security deposit. If you need our technician to light your equipment, that is an additional charge. An adult over the age of 18 must be present at the time of your reconnection.

What is thermal factor on gas bill?

Therm factors are used to convert the volume of gas metered (in hundreds of cubic feet) to energy units (therms). How do I calculate the therm factor for my specific billing period? The therm factor applicable to a billing period is equal to the average of the weekly heating values within that billing period.

How much is gas in Roanoke?


Regular Mid
Current Avg. $3.176 $3.478
Yesterday Avg. $3.159 $3.473
Week Ago Avg. $3.138 $3.458
Month Ago Avg. $3.105 $3.420

How are gas bills calculated?

The general billing pattern is to bill for gas consumption every two months. The first bill is on ACTUAL gas consumption as per the meter reading. The second one is on ASSESSED basis. Thereafter, the cycle of billing alternately by Actual Reading and Accessed Reading is repeated.

How do I check gas usage?

There’s a few ways to do this:

  1. Monitor your daily usage by taking readings from your meter.
  2. Get a smart meter so you can monitor it from the display.
  3. Check your latest energy bill – it should have your monthly consumption/use and your annual estimated usage.

Who has gas Roanoke VA?

Top 10 Gas Stations & Cheap Fuel Prices in Roanoke, VA

  • Pure. 1805 Peters Creek Rd NW. Roanoke, VA.
  • GB. 104. 490 Roanoke Rd.
  • Shell. 3911 Melrose Ave NW. Roanoke, VA.
  • Murphy USA. 4530 Challenger Ave NE. Roanoke, VA.
  • GB. 41 W 4th St. Salem, VA.
  • BJ’s. 102. 1419 Hershberger Rd NW.
  • Marathon. 210 W Virginia Ave. Vinton, VA.
  • Sam’s Club. 213.

How much is gas in Winchester Virginia?

Price Station City
2.940 Costco 251 Front Royal Pike Winchester Jan 24,6:08 PM Winchester
2.940 Murphy Express 111 Farrow Dr Winchester Jan 24,3:51 PM Winchester
2.990 Exxon 2160 S Loudoun St Winchester Jan 24,5:28 PM Winchester
2.990 Sunoco 3321 Valley Pike Winchester Jan 24,5:23 PM Winchester

How can I lower my gas bill?

11 tips on how to save money on your gas bill

  1. Perform an energy audit.
  2. Block any air leaks.
  3. Invest in a smart thermostat.
  4. Switch gas providers.
  5. Regulate your thermostat.
  6. Don’t use your wood-burning fireplace.
  7. Dress for warmth.
  8. Use a portable electric heater.

How much is a gas unit?

1 unit of gas is equal to one kilowatt hour (kWh) of gas used. Its important to understand that your gas meter does not directly show how many units you are using, but instead measures the amount of gas used by volume in Cubic Meters (m3) or Cubic Feet (ft3), depending on the type of meter that you have.

How do I calculate my gas bill?

How to work it out

  1. Take away your last reading from your current reading. This is how many units you’ve used.
  2. If you’ve got a metric meter (m3), you can ignore this step.
  3. Multiply this number by the calorific value.
  4. Multiply this number by 1.02264.
  5. Divide this number by 3.6.
  6. Multiply this number by the price-per-kWh.

Do I have to pay an estimated bill?

Check if your bill is estimated Check your bill – it should say if it’s estimated. You don’t need to pay your bill if it’s estimated. Send a meter reading to your supplier to get an updated, accurate bill instead.

How do I contact Roanoke Gas customer support?

According to the doxo directory, there’s no dedicated customer support portal on the website for Roanoke Gas. You can contact Roanoke Gas by phone at 540-777-4427.

Is Roanoke Gas Company owned by RGC?

Click Here First ROANOKE, Va. (October 26, 2021) – Roanoke Gas Company (“Roanoke Gas”), a subsidiary of RGC Resources, INC. (RGCO), announced that it has joined Our Nation’s…

What is DOXO for Roanoke Gas?

Roanoke Gas customers added this company profile to the doxo Directory. doxo is used by these customers to manage and pay their Roanoke Gas bills all in one place.

What should I do if my gas line breaks in Roanoke?

Call Roanoke Gas Company at (540) 777-0623 and 911 immediately. Do not try to repair the damage. Do not cover or hide the broken line, allowing the broken line to ventilate lets the gas escape into the air and relieve pressure. Eliminate any possible source of ignition in the area, do not allow unnecessary people in the area.

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