How do I open my Acer desktop?

How do I open my Acer desktop?

Unscrew the nine screws that hold the back cover and front bezel together. Insert the tip of the flat blade screwdriver between the back cover and front bezel and gently pry them apart. Gently work your way around the edges of the monitor, loosening as you go.

How do I fix my monitor screen problems?

How to Troubleshoot Display or Video Issues on a Monitor

  1. Verify display or video issue on a known-good monitor.
  2. Check for physical damages.
  3. Verify display or video issue in Windows Safe Mode.
  4. Update the video card (GPU) driver, monitor driver, chipset driver & BIOS.
  5. Download and install Microsoft Windows updates.

Will Acer fix my laptop?

You can have the product repaired by a local technician, however for Acer to cover the cost of parts and labor under the limited warranty; we do require that the product is setup for service and brought to one of our repair facilities.

How do I take the stand off my Acer desktop?

Press the release button on your Acer monitor and slide the base out from the monitor. The release button is located near the bottom of the monitor, where the base and the monitor meet.

How do you remove an Acer Predator stand?

There is a button right below where the stand connects to the monitor. You have to press that button and it comes right off. I’m including a pictures, hopefully it helps.

How do I take the stand off my monitor?

  1. Monitor Stand Disassembly. Disassemble the base of monitor by unfastening bolt.
  2. Disassemble a bezel from the bottom of monitor. (
  3. Insert plastic card between the gap and move it along with bezel.
  4. Push the buttons on both sides of LVDS cables to remove it.
  5. Stand neck disassembled.

How do I open my monitor stand?

Hold the sides of your computer and gently lay it down so that the screen is against the surface and the cover is facing up. Remove the two rubber blocks 1 that protect the screws 2 . Carefully loosen the two screws 2 that secure the monitor stand. Then, lift the monitor stand up to remove it from the computer.

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