How do I open different types of files?

How do I open different types of files?

What are the best universal file opener software for your PC?

  1. WinZip (recommended) When it comes to archive files of all formats, no software tool is better than WinZip.
  2. File Viewer Plus. File Viewer Plus is a UFO with which you can open more than 300 file formats.
  3. File Viewer Lite.
  4. Universal Viewer.
  5. Ultra File Opener.

Which app can open all types of files?

File Viewer is a FREE Android app that allows you to open and view files on your Android device. It supports over 150 file types and can display the contents of any file. You can use File Viewer’s information panel to view hidden file details and metadata. Get File Viewer FREE from the Google Play store!

What is the best universal file opener?

Let’s talk about these universal file viewers in detail.

  • 1] Universal Viewer. Universal Viewer is a dedicated free universal file viewer that allows you to view several types of files.
  • 2] File Viewer Lite.
  • 3] FreeFileViewer.
  • 4] File Viewer Plus.
  • 5] Free Opener.

What is Windows File Viewer?

1 File Viewer can view any file in Windows 10 & Windows 11. 1 File Viewer supports many common audio and video formats and can display many image, web, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Pages layout file types. – View any file on your PC.

What is a good file viewer?

File Viewer Lite. FineReader PDF for Windows and Mac. Reader Mobile. Foxit PDF Reader. FreeFileViewer.

What is nice file viewer?

Nice File Viewer is a universal file viewer using which users can open text, video, or audio files of almost all the formats. The app supports following the file formats: Archives – 7z, zip, rar, bz2, bzip2. Document – doc, docx, txt, rtf, pdf. Image – jpg, jpeg, png, bmp, gif.

Why do I need cool file viewer?

The full Cool File Viewer Pro program gives you the ability to view PDFs, all types of images, and a variety of video and audio files. You can view and extract compressed files in ZIP and RAR formats. Plus, you can view and edit Microsoft Office documents.

What can I use instead of WinZip?

What are the WinZip alternatives?

  • WinRAR: the most popular alternative to WinZip.
  • 7-Zip: the secure and efficient WinZip alternative.
  • PeaZip: the WinZip alternative for rare formats.
  • Bandizip: the fast WinZip alternative.
  • Ashampoo ZIP Free.

Does Windows 10 have WinZip?

Winzip is not part of Windows 10, it must have been installed alongside some application you installed. Then when you wan to open a zip file, right click it and choose ‘Extract All’ to use the native Windows functionality . . . Power to the Developer! WinZIP is not developed by Microsoft and is not a freeware, AFAIK.

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