How do I fix my locale?

How do I fix my locale?

  1. To fix this locale issue (command line)
  2. First run locale to list what locales currently defined for the current user account:
  3. $ locale.
  4. Then generate the missing locale and reconfigure locales to take notice:
  5. $ sudo locale-gen “en_US.UTF-8”
  6. $ sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales.

What is my locale?

On the left, click on Language. In the right pane, click on the Administrative language settings link. In the Region dialog, click on the Administrative tab. You’ll find the current system locale under the Language for non-Unicode programs section.

Where is the locale file?

The locale files are located probably under /usr/share/locale/*/LC_MESSAGES’ in your system, but those are in a binary format. Their actual sources (in a editable, human-readable format) are not usually shipped with your distro.

Should I set Lc_all?

Note: As per Debian wiki – “Using LC_ALL is strongly discouraged as it overrides everything use it only when testing and never set it in a startup file”.

What is Posix locale?

This locale refers to the ANSI C or POSIX-defined standard for the locale inherited by all processes at startup time. The C or POSIX locale assumes the 7-bit ASCII character set and defines information for the six previous categories.

How do I know my browser locale?

The proper way is to look at the HTTP Accept-Language header sent to the server. This contains the ordered, weighted list of languages the user has configured their browser to prefer.

How do I change my locale Gen?


  1. Edit the file /etc/locale.gen and add your locale settings (one set per line), e.g.: de_DE.UTF-8 UTF-8 de_DE ISO-8859-1 [email protected] ISO-8859-15.
  2. Run the command locale-gen.
  3. Run the command locale -a to verify the list of available locales; note that the spellings change.

How do I find my locale in Chrome?

Here’s how to change the locale using the UI on Google Chrome for Windows:

  1. App icon > Options.
  2. Choose the Under the Hood tab.
  3. Scroll down to Web Content.
  4. Click Change font and language settings.
  5. Choose the Languages tab.
  6. Use the drop down to set the Google Chrome language.
  7. Restart Chrome.

How to change locale?

Get into Control Panel.

  • Tap Change date,time,or number formats to move on.
  • As the Region dialog appears,choose Administrative and click Change system locale.
  • Select a new system locale and tap OK.
  • Hit Restart now to make the setting effective.
  • How do I change my system locale?

    Method 1: Change System Locale in Windows 10 Using Control Panel . Open the Control Panel in Large icons view, click Region. In the Region dialog that opens, select the Administrative tab and then click Change system locale. Select the desired language from the Current system locale drop-down list, and click OK.

    What is system locale?

    System Locale. The system locale is a system variable that cannot be changed programmatically. The only way to change it is for an administrator to do so manually.

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