How do I fix content is not allowed in prolog?

How do I fix content is not allowed in prolog?

In short, invalid text or BOM before the XML declaration or different encoding will cause the SAX Error – Content is not allowed in prolog ….To fix it, remove the BOM from the UTF-8 file.

  1. Remove the BOM via code.
  2. In notepad++, check Encoding UTF-8 without BOM .
  3. In Intellij IDE, right on the file, select Remove BOM .

What is content is not allowed in prolog?

The “Content is not allowed in prolog” error indicates that the SAX parser was unable to properly read one of the XML files needed to build the SOAP connector.

Is not allowed in prolog?

“Content is not allowed in prolog” is typically encountered when there are special characters or something else before the XML declaration, or the XML declaration is not correct.

What is SAXParseException in Java?

All Implemented Interfaces: Serializable. public class SAXParseException extends SAXException. Encapsulate an XML parse error or warning. This module, both source code and documentation, is in the Public Domain, and comes with NO WARRANTY.

What is fatal error 1 1 content is not allowed in prolog?

“Content not allowed in prolog” refers to the fact that something else but not xml …> opening tag was found at the beginning of the file/stream. If it contains extra spaces just trim them, but generally this sort of error is not (programmatically) recoverable.

How do you get SAXParseException?

SAXParserException is a “checked-exception” meaning that the method signature is forced to declare it, if it throws. Obviously, the method you call does not declare it, so you cannot catch it.

What is XML prolog?

XML Prolog is the component added in the beginning of an XML document. Otherwise, we can say that whatever it appears before the document’s root element can be considered as Prolog. XML Prolog includes XML declaration, DOCTYPE and comments, processing instructions too.

What is Premature end of file in XML?

xml). If this is missing from the file on the problematic Engine, then the PresenterDeviceIndex. xml is considered as badly formatted xml file. And this is the reason for the “Premature end of file” error.

Is XML prolog required?

The prolog of an XML document comprises everything from the start of the file to the document root tag. It may contain the XML declaration, processing instructions, comments, and a document type definition. In XML 1.0, all these things are optional; in XML 1.1 the XML declaration is required.

What is ParserConfigurationException Java?

Class ParserConfigurationException Indicates a serious configuration error.

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