How do I fix a long running script error?

How do I fix a long running script error?

How can I fix the not responding due to a long-running script error?

  1. Run Windows Internet troubleshooter. Download the Windows Internet troubleshooter from here.
  2. Disable the antivirus. If you are using a third-party antivirus, try disabling it temporarily.
  3. Disable Script Debugging. Launch Internet Explorer.

Why do I keep getting long running script messages?

While Script error is caused by violating the browser’s same-origin policy, a Long Running Script indicates performance issues. Every browser has a timeframe for script execution. If a script needs more time to execute, a Long Running Script error will occur.

What does a long running script mean on my computer?

This is the case with the long-running script; it is a script that has run into a problem. If the JavaScript file interacts with a database, for example, it can take several seconds to execute. This is considered a long execution time by computer standards, so some browsers may display the long-running script message.

Why do I keep getting a script error message on my computer?

A: Script error messages tend to appear when one’s browser is out of date. Because your browser cannot interpret the newer JavaScript code correctly, an error is produced and you get a message. By clicking “No” to the messages, you are telling the browser to ignore this problem.

How do I get rid of the long running script in Windows 10?

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  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. Tap or click the Tools button. , and then tap or click Manage add-ons.
  3. Under Show, tap or click All add-ons, and then select the add-on you want to turn off.
  4. If you have ten add-ons installed, then try to disable five at once and troubleshoot the issue by accessing the website.

How do I get rid of script error messages?

How to Fix a Script Error

  1. Load the web page again.
  2. Update the web browser.
  3. Load other web pages.
  4. Switch to a different web browser.
  5. Load the web page with a different device.
  6. Remove temporary internet files.
  7. Disable plug-ins.
  8. Disable hardware acceleration.

How do I debug a long running script?

Problems “Long Running Script.”

  1. Click the Tools button, and then click Internet Options.
  2. Click the Advanced tab, select the Disable script debugging Internet Explorer) and Disable script debugging (Other) check boxes.
  3. Clear the Display a notification about every script error check box, and then click OK.

How do I stop an Autohotkey script?

  1. go to the windows tray.
  2. right-click on the “H” sign.
  3. click on “suspend hotkeys” or “exit”

How do I get rid of the long running script in Windows 10 edge?

What does it mean to debug a script?

Debugging, in computer programming and engineering, is a multistep process that involves identifying a problem, isolating the source of the problem, and then either correcting the problem or determining a way to work around it. The final step of debugging is to test the correction or workaround and make sure it works.

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