How do I find my Schoolnet student password?

How do I find my Schoolnet student password?

Teachers can access student logins within Assessment Admin. icon to the left of the test name 4. From the Proctor dashboard select Username/Passwords link under the Actions menu to view a list of student usernames and passwords or to re-set student passwords.

How do I find my Ncedcloud password?

  1. Go to
  2. Click the “Need Help?”
  3. Click the “Forgot My Password” link.
  4. Enter your username.
  5. You’ll be asked to answer some of your challenge questions and enter a captcha code.
  6. Next you’ll be able to set a new password, and you’re good for another 90 days.

How do I reset my rapid identity password?

  1. Rapid Identity-Student Password Reset.
  2. You’ve claimed your account BUT can’t remember your password.
  3. Go to ​
  4. If you click on ​Need Help?
  5. If you get the following error you must notify the ​Helpdesk (x4357.
  6. Enter your ​reset ​password and click on ​Go.

How do I review a question on Schoolnet?

On the student home page, the Review a Test widget provides students with a complete list of the tests they recently completed. From here, students can: Click Review to view your test score and performance on each question and standard. Click Self-Assess to take a self-assessment on designated classroom tests.

Where is the Proctor dashboard on Schoolnet?

Use the Proctor Dashboard to prepare for test administration and to view the details of your students’ progress during an assessment. If you cannot locate the test on the Schoolnet home page, click the Assessment Admin header, locate the test, and select Proctor Dashboard from the Actions menu.

How do I reset my NCEdCloud password?

You can go to at any time and reset your password. Forgotten and expired accounts may still be reset by clicking the link indicated. The password parameters are on the screen once you click “Change Password” Page 3 On the Profiles screen you will also see an “Update Challenge Responses” button.

How do I log into NCEdCloud?

Go to the IAM Service Login ( > Enter your username and password > Click Login.

What is my password for rapid identity?

Enter your password. 6. Click Login. *For all new users (student), the default password is “Aisd1234”.

How do I change my NCED password?

How do you delete a test on Schoolnet?

  1. Go to Assessment Admin.
  2. Click Find a Test.
  3. Click on a Test Name to see the Test Details.
  4. Click on Score Test under Test Actions.
  5. Click Delete Student Test Results at the bottom of the page.

What is the NCEdCloud?

The North Carolina Education Cloud (NCEdCloud) is a service delivery platform for modern instructional and administrative support systems that has the infrastructure, tools and resources to support all NC Race to the Top (RttT) initiatives.

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