How do I find my Maroc Telecom number?

How do I find my Maroc Telecom number?

Request your own number by calling: 55512 or via # 555 * 1 * 2 #.

Which SIM card is best in Morocco?

If you want to buy the best SIM card in Morocco, I recommend going with Maroc Telecom or Inwi. Maroc Telecom has the best coverage and the fastest speeds. Inwi has great coverage and fast speeds too, but they are the cheapest option in Morocco.

How do I top up Maroc Telecom Data?

Go to any kiosk or corner store or teleboutique and ask for a Maroc Telecom recharge. For 50 dirhams you get 5 GB of data, and for 100 dirhams you get 10 GB of data. They give you a scratch off card, so scratch it off to reveal a long numerical code. It is this code that allows you to recharge your SIM card.

How can I check my balance in Morocco Telecom?

How to check your Maroc Telecom balance

  1. Enter #580# followed by the send button.
  2. Call #111# and follow the instructions.

How do I find my SIM card phone number?

  1. Go into Settings.
  2. Tap About Phone.
  3. Tap Status.
  4. Tap SIM Card Status.
  5. Scroll down to ICCID. This is your SIM card number.

How do I activate my Maroc Telecom SIM?

You must activate the SIM card after you have purchased it. Either ask the salon to do this or call 555 yourself and dial the number “1”. Everything, the card is activated. You can buy the supplement in most small shops or supermarkets.

Can I get a SIM card at Casablanca airport?

You can get your Morocco sim card almost anywhere from the airport to the mall and phone shops. Just make sure you bring your passport. And make sure that you inform their prices and packages.

Can I use mobile data in Morocco?

Mobile/cellphone coverage is generally excellent in Morocco’s cities and metropolitan areas, although expect limited coverage in remote, desert or mountainous areas. If you want to use your mobile phone on the go, your best bet is to buy a local SIM to insert into your unlocked phone for the duration of your stay.

How do I reload my Morocco card?

How to recharge a Moroccan mobile phone

  1. First, fill in the Moroccan telephone number.
  2. Then, choose the amount you want to be recharged.
  3. Decide how you want to pay for your transaction.
  4. After your successful payment the Moroccan prepaid phone will be recharged within seconds and can be used immediately.

How much data do I have left Maroc Telecom?

How do I check my SIM network?

So today I am going to tell you All SIM Mobile Number Check on any network….How To Check Own Mobile Number On Any Network.

Jio Mobile Number Check USSD Code Calling number 1299
BSNL Mobile number Check USSD Code *222# | *888# | *1# | *785# | *555#

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