How do I find CMake library?

How do I find CMake library?

cmake, which is the typical way for finding libraries. First CMake checks all directories in ${CMAKE_MODULE_PATH}, then it looks in its own module directory /share/cmake-x.y/Modules/. If no such file is found, it looks for Config. cmake or -config.

Where are CMake files located?

The config files can usually be found in a directory whose name matches the pattern lib/cmake/ , though they may be in other locations instead. The corresponds to use in CMake code with the find_package() command such as find_package(PackageName REQUIRED) .

How do I use FindLibrary in CMake?

find_library ( name1 [path1 path2 …]) This command is used to find a library. A cache entry, or a normal variable if NO_CACHE is specified, named by is created to store the result of this command.

Where are CMake packages?

CMake searches for a file called Find. cmake in the CMAKE_MODULE_PATH followed by the CMake installation. If the file is found, it is read and processed by CMake. It is responsible for finding the package, checking the version, and producing any needed messages.

What is Cmake_current_list_dir?

CMAKE_CURRENT_LIST_DIR : The folder that contains currently processed CMakeList. txt or . cmake file.

What does Add_subdirectory do in CMake?

Add a subdirectory to the build. Adds a subdirectory to the build. The source_dir specifies the directory in which the source CMakeLists.

How do I add a library to CMake?

The first step is to add an option to the top-level CMakeLists. txt file. This option will be displayed in the cmake-gui and ccmake with a default value of ON that can be changed by the user.

Where do I put CMake modules?

cmake. This file is usually placed in the cmake/modules directory of your project. This path must be specified by setting the CMAKE_MODULE_PATH variable.

How does findpackage work?

FIND_PACKAGE() asks CMake to find and load settings from the external package . This works as follows: cmake that are located in your $YARP_ROOT/conf directory). “Find” macros define variables which allow you to check if the package has been found and use it in your project.

What does Find_library do in CMake?

Variables CMAKE_INCLUDE_PATH and CMAKE_LIBRARY_PATH are set with the right requirements paths. CMake find_library function will be able to locate the libraries in the package’s folders. In addition to automatic find_package support, CMAKE_MODULE_PATH variable is set with your requirements root package paths.

What is Project_source_dir?

This is the source directory of the last call to the project() command made in the current directory scope or one of its parents. Note, it is not affected by calls to project() made within a child directory scope (i.e. from within a call to add_subdirectory() from the current scope).

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