How do I find a book at the local library?

How do I find a book at the local library?

To locate a book, first search the library’s catalogue. Once you have identified a book, use the call number to find the book. If you cannot find your book, then ask a librarian to look for you or request an interlibrary loan if the book is missing.

Does the New York Public Library have books?

The New York Public Library features more than 6 million items in its circulating collections—from books, e-books, and audiobooks to music and movies.

How many books are in the New York Public Library?

New York Public Library
Branches 92
Size 55 million books and other items
Access and use

What is library book catalogue?

A library catalogue can, therefore, be defined as, “A list of books, maps, stamps, sound recordings or any reading materials that constitute a library collection. Its purpose is to record, describe and index the holdings of any library collection.”

How do I get to the New York Public Library?

Get a Library Card Cards are free for anyone who lives, works, attends school, or pays property tax in New York State. Out-of-state visitors can apply for a temporary card.

Is the legacy research catalog still available?

The legacy research catalog is still available, but does not include all of our Scan & Deliver options or the Columbia University, Harvard University, and Princeton University material from the Shared Collection. Discover our world-renowned research collections, featuring more than 46 million items.

Does the research catalog include circulating materials?

Please note that the Research Catalog does not include circulating materials. For books and more that you can check out to take home please visit our circulating branch catalog.

What is the future of the classic catalog?

The current catalog, known as the Classic Catalog, will still exist, but we encourage you to explore the Shared Collection Catalog and take advantage of its optimized features, including Scan & Deliver for remote access to our research collections as well as access to the millions of items from our ReCAP partners.

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