How do I fill out a common app activity?

How do I fill out a common app activity?

Here’s how to fill out the Common App Activities section for maximum impact.

  1. Focus on quality, not quantity.
  2. Choose activities that are unique and/or particularly prestigious.
  3. Demonstrate specialization…
  4. 4. …But have a balance.
  5. Make good use of the description box.
  6. List your activities in order of importance.

What is an activity description?

The activity description for a particular schedule activity typically consists of a brief phrase or label that is assigned to that schedule activity to assist in the differentiation of that particular schedule activity from all others.

What counts as an activity on common app?

What qualifies as an activity? According to Common App, “activities may include arts, athletics, clubs, employment, personal commitments, and other pursuits.” In other words, pretty much anything pursued outside the classroom qualifies as an activity.

Is Common App confidential?

Summary: Common Application offers suggestions through which users of its Properties may secure their information. Your User Registration information is password-protected.

What is literary style?

Literary style can be defined as how a writer decides to express whatever he wants to say; his choice of words, the sentence structure, syntax, language (figurative or metaphorical).

What is descriptive text example?

Descriptive writing creates an impression in the reader’s mind of an event, a place, a person, or thing. Descriptive writing will bring words to life and makes the text interesting. Some examples of descriptive text include: The sunset filled the entire sky with the deep color of rubies, setting the clouds ablaze.

What is literary style example?

Rather than merely sharing information, style lets an author share his content in the way that he wants. For example, say an author needs to describe a situation where he witnessed a girl picking a flower: She picked a red rose from the ground. Scarlet was the rose that she plucked from the earth.

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