How do I create a SharePoint site using PowerShell?

How do I create a SharePoint site using PowerShell?


  1. Go to Start > Open SharePoint 2013 Management Shell.
  2. Run as administrator.
  3. Run the script.
  4. Enter Web application url. Press Enter.
  5. It will validate the web application url.
  6. Enter 2.
  7. Enter the site collection url under which the sub site is to be created.
  8. Enter the sub site details.

How do I create a SharePoint Online site collection using PowerShell?

Run SharePoint Online Management Shell as an administrator to execute the PowerShell script for SharePoint Online.

  1. Step 2: Connect to SharePoint online services.
  2. Step 3: Create the new SharePoint Online Site Collection.
  3. Step 3: Close the connection.

How do I create a SharePoint script?

When a site template is selected, SharePoint creates the new site, and runs site scripts for the site template….How site templates work

  1. Go to the SharePoint start page on your developer tenant.
  2. Choose Create site. You’ll see the two modern template sites: Team site and Communication site.
  3. Choose the type of site needed.

How do I add a team site to SharePoint in PowerShell?

Create a Modern Site Collection in SharePoint Online using…

  1. Login to New SharePoint Admin Center as a tenant admin or SharePoint Online Administrator.
  2. Click on Sites >> Active Sites from left navigation >>
  3. Click on “Team site” to create a modern team site in SharePoint Online.

How do I connect to SharePoint PowerShell?

So, to start with, follow these steps to connect to SharePoint Online via PowerShell:

  1. Step 1: Install the SharePoint Online Management Shell or SharePoint Online PowerShell Module.
  2. Step 2: Connect to SharePoint Online PowerShell using Connect-SPOService cmdlet.
  3. Step 3: Start using SharePoint Online PowerShell cmdlets!

How do I create a SharePoint online site?

Create a site in SharePoint

  1. Select + Create site on the SharePoint start page.
  2. In the wizard: Select whether you’d like to create a Team site or a Communication site. Enter the name (and a description, if you want) for the site. You can select Edit.
  3. In the next pane, enter the owners and members.
  4. Select Finish.

How do I enable custom script in SharePoint online using PowerShell?

How to Enable Custom Script in SharePoint Online?

  1. Click on Settings from the left navigation >> Scroll down to “Custom Script” section.
  2. Under Custom Script section, Set “Allow users to run custom script on personal site” and “Allow.
  3. Click on “OK” to save your changes.

How do I create a custom script in SharePoint online?

How do I automate a SharePoint site?

Create a SharePoint (Online) Subsite from Power Automate (Flow)

  1. To create the Flow, Go to Power Automate -> Create -> Start from Blank -> Automated Flow.
  2. Give an appropriate name for the Flow and select the “When an item is created” trigger and click on Create button.

How do I run a PowerShell script in SharePoint?

How to Run PowerShell Scripts in SharePoint Online?

  1. Go to Start >> Type “PowerShell ISE”.
  2. Right, Click and Open PowerShell ISE with “Run as Administrator” if you have UAC enabled.
  3. Now, You can start writing your PowerShell script or copy-paste the script and then click on the “Run Script” button from the toolbar. (

Can we connect to SharePoint Online sites using PowerShell?

To get started using PowerShell to manage SharePoint Online, you need to install the SharePoint Online Management Shell and connect to SharePoint Online. Install the SharePoint Online Management Shell by downloading and running the SharePoint Online Management Shell or installing the module from the PowerShell Gallery.

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