How do I create a drawing template in Catia?

How do I create a drawing template in Catia?

Open or create a CATDrawing document.

  1. Select Edit > Sheet Background from the menu bar.
  2. Click Frame and Title Block in the Drawing toolbar.
  3. Choose a macro from the Style of title block drop-down list.
  4. Select the action you want to perform in the Action list.
  5. Click OK in the Manage Frame and Title Block dialog box.

How do I add a template to Catia V5?

select File >> Page Setup to enter the “Page Setup” dialog. Within this dialog select Insert Background View. This will open the “Insert elements into a sheet” dialog box. From this dialog browse to the file containing the background you want and select Insert.

How do I change the template in Catia?

Changing the standard, sheet style and orientation of a sheet

  1. Select File > Page Setup from the menu bar.
  2. Select the select the ANSI standard.
  3. Click OK to continue.
  4. Optionally choose another sheet style if you wish.
  5. Optionally change the default orientation from Landscape to Portrait .

How do I save a background in Catia?

Select the Tools->Options command to display the Options dialog box. Click Mechanical Design->Drafting ( Layout tab) and check the Copy background view and Other drawing options. If you un-check the Copy background view , only the sheet properties will be copied from one sheet to another.

How do you add parameters in Catia?

Creating a parameter Click the Formula icon from the Standard toolbar. The Formulas: Drawing dialog box is displayed. In the drop-down lists next to the New Parameter of type button, choose the String with Single Value type. Click the New Parameter of type button.

How do I edit a table in Catia?

Create a new sheet and a new view.

  1. Click Table in the Annotations toolbar.
  2. Click a point in the drawing to specify the table position. Tables cannot be associative.
  3. In the Table Editor dialog box that appears, enter the number of columns and rows you want for the table.
  4. Click OK to validate the table creation.

How do you make a 2D drawing from 3D in CATIA?

In the 2D drawing, click View from 3D in the Projections toolbar. Swap back to the 3D model, then pick a View from the tree. Click anywhere in the background of the drawing and enjoy your new view! Repeat the process as needed for any additional views.

How do I change the drawing standard in Catia?

Open any existing CATDrawing file.

  1. Select File> Page Setup from the menu bar. The Page Setup dialog box opens, displaying the standard currently used by the drawing.
  2. Click the Update button to update the current standard. A message informs you that this action cannot be undone.

What is drafting in Catia?

CATIA V5 R21 – Drafting The Drafting course teaches the essentials of the CATIA V5 Drafting workbench. You’ll learn how to create drawings and views, and add dimensions and annotations. You’ll also study geometry creation and modification, as well as dress-ups, borders, balloons, and customizations.

How do I use formulas in Catia?

In the Knowledge toolbar, select the Formula icon. In the New Parameter of type pull-down list, select Curve, then click the New Parameter of type button. Ensure that the created parameter Curve. 1 is highlighted in the list of parameters and click the Add Formula button.

How to add custom macros to a CATIA drawing?

1. Default CATIA macros (In the new drawing Edit > Sheet Background and then Insert > Drawing > Frame & Title Block 2. Custom macros 3. Template drawing (File > New From > )

How do I make a title block in Catia?

There are three ways you can make title blocks in CATIA. 1. You can create your own from scratch. 2. You can use a default template built into CATIA. 3. You can import a template made by someone else. NOTE: if you import either a default template or one from someone else you can modify these templates as well.

How do I use catdrawing with catpart?

Select the CATPart document. Click on the desired 3D part plane to be used as reference plane The views now appear on the CATDrawing document: they are previewed in green frames and can be re-oriented thanks to the blue arrows that appear. Use the blue arrows to have the views re-oriented as desired.

How to display fake dimensions in catdrawing?

Select a dimension (whatever the type) on the CATDrawing you opened. Select the Edit-> Properties command and click the Value tab. Modify the available options. Fake Dimension: check this option to display fake dimensions, you can choose to display numerical or alphanumerical fake dimensions.

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