How do I contact Biffa?

How do I contact Biffa?

If you would like to discuss your issue with us , please contact us on [email protected], including your business name, postcode and a few details about what has happened or call 0800 601 601. We will do our best to find a resolution for you.

Who owns Biffa waste?

In 1958 Richard Henry Biffa’s grandson, Richard Charles Biffa, joined the business and, after becoming general manager in 1963, grew the business organically and by acquisition. The business was acquired by British Electric Traction in 1971 and by Severn Trent for £212 million in 1991.

Who is the CEO of Biffa?

Michael Topham (Sep 29, 2018–)

Michael Topham: Chief Executive Officer Michael is Chief Executive Officer of leading UK sustainable waste management company, Biffa plc. He joined Biffa in 2010, was appointed Chief Financial Officer in 2013, and subsequently CEO in 2018.

How do I cancel my Biffa contract?

How do I cancel my contract? If you do need to talk to use about a change to your contract please email us on [email protected] or you can call us on 0800 601 601.

What does Biffa mean in slang?

(ˈbɪfə) n. 1. someone, such as a sportsperson, who has a reputation for hitting hard. 2.

How do I pay Biffa?

Choosing select invoices for payment:

  1. Select the ‘My Invoices’ tab on the top banner of the home page.
  2. A list of invoices will then appear, tag the ones you wish to make payment of by clicking ‘mark for payment’
  3. Click ‘pay marked invoices’
  4. You will then be taken to SagePay who will take the card payment on our behalf.

Is Biffa a good company to work for?

Great team to work with Still hard work but dispatchers and managers speak to drivers and ask about jobs and routes. Have a couple of safety issues on new contracts but dispatchers listen to you and management get rid of job if it’s too hard.

Is Biffa a UK company?

Biffa is a Great British company. We have been listed on the London Stock Exchange since October 2016 under the ticker “BIFF” and in March 2020, we entered the FTSE-250.

How long is a Biffa contract?

It’s basically a 15 month contract with a 6 month notice period this is a SCAM! And if you missed the cancellation deadline the contract rolls over another 12 months no wait sorry 15 months because of their unfair cancellation policy. A consumer regulator needs to look into this rip off practice.

How do I cancel my waste management contract?

To cancel your WM service, please Contact Us via live chat, email, or phone. Please have your Customer ID and service address ready. Note: Canceling service prior to the end of a contract may result in early termination charges. Charges may vary depending on the area you’re in and the type of service you have.

Where does the term Biffa come from?


Acronym Definition
BIFFA British Isles Flying Fifteen Association (UK)

What is Biffa customer zone?

CustomerZone gives you the control and is accessible 24/7. Our customers who use CustomerZone tell us how easy and convenient it is for them to manage their account online, whenever they need. Just a small number of the things you can do are: Make bookings for waste collections and bag deliveries.

How do I contact Biffa about my residential waste collection?

If you have a question about your residential waste collection please visit our Household Waste section here . If you are a resident inquiring about your household waste collection, which is serviced by Biffa, please contact your local authority. For more information about our Polymers facility or our plastics recycling services click here.

Why choose Biffa for waste management?

At Biffa, we pride ourselves in a fully comprehensive and reliable service, so you can have peace of mind knowing that you have chosen the right waste carrier for your business’ need. Fill in our online quote tool to get your waste quote and order your new business waste contract today in just a few minutes!

Who are the Biffa company?

Biffa is a leading UK nationwide integrated waste management business providing collection, treatment, recycling and technologically-driven energy generation services. Through the expertise of our people and investment in technology we promote and deliver sustainable waste management solutions.

How do I contact Biffa for support with my service?

We want to make sure that you are satisfied with your service and our team are here to help with any issues that you may be experiencing. If you would like to discuss your issue with us , please contact us on [email protected], including your business name, postcode and a few details about what has happened or call 0800 601 601.

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