How do I connect my HP LaserJet to my network?

How do I connect my HP LaserJet to my network?

Connect the printer with the Wireless Setup Wizard (printers with a touchscreen)

  1. Place the printer near the Wi-Fi router.
  2. Open the Setup, Network, or Wireless settings menu, and then select Wireless Setup Wizard.
  3. Select the name of your network, and then enter the password to complete the connection. Note:

How do I install HP LaserJet 3390?

How to install HP LaserJet 3390 printer driver

  1. Download the driver from the above-given download section.
  2. Double-click on the downloaded driver setup file.
  3. The extraction window will come up, click on the unzip button.
  4. Click on OK after done. After that, the printer installation wizard will come up.

How do I connect my HP LaserJet m402dn to my network?

HP LaserJet Pro M402, M403 – Setting up the printer (hardware)

  1. Step one: Unpack the printer.
  2. Step two: Load Tray 2.
  3. Step three: Connect the network cable (optional)
  4. Step four: Connect the power cable and turn on the printer.
  5. Step five: Verify the printer functions.
  6. Step six: Update the firmware (optional but recommended)

How do you connect to the network?

Swipe down from the top of the screen. Tap Internet. In the panel that appears, select a network….On these notifications:

  1. To connect to the network, tap Connect.
  2. To change Wi-Fi settings, tap All Networks.
  3. To not get notifications for that network, clear the notification. Learn how to control notifications.

How do I find my printer network path?

Use the NET command

  1. Open a command prompt window (choose Start, Run; type CMD then click OK)
  2. In the command prompt window, type NET VIEW.
  3. That gives you a list of computers on your network.
  4. Next, type NET VIEW \\server-name (substitute the name of the computer you chose above for “server-name”)

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