How do I claim my Michelin rebate?

How do I claim my Michelin rebate?

There are two ways to submit a redemption. For fastest service, submit your redemption online after purchasing four new MICHELIN® brand passenger or light truck tires. For regular service, complete and mail in the redemption form given to you from a participating dealer.

Does Michelin have tire rebate?

The Michelin rebate promotion is extremely popular and leads to thousands of submissions, both online and through regular mail. Most rebate cheques are received in less than 6 weeks. For any questions regarding the status of your rebate cheque, please call 1-866-755-8887.

What is the tread depth of a new Michelin Defender tire?

17” (16 sizes)

Tire Size Tread Depth Warranty
235/70R17 109T XL 12 32NDS
235/75R17 109T 12 32NDS 70,000
235/65R17 104T 12 32NDS 70,000
225/65R17 102H 10.5 32NDS 70,000

What does rebate mean on tires?

They are typically very brand loyal and know exactly what they want. The rebate is a real incentive for them to buy a set of tires, but that doesn’t mean that without a rebate, their need for tires would disappear. All the rebate did was influence their timing.

Are Michelin defenders worth it?

Michelin stands behind the Defender with a 90,000 mile tread warranty. The Defender has a number of good points including a very quiet ride quality to go along with impressive dry and wet traction. Overall, Michelin has a very good all-season tire in the Defender, although there is room for improvement.

How do tire rebates work?

Tire Rebates Tire brands frequently offer mail-in rebates to give you even greater savings. Complete the redemption form and get your rebate as a prepaid card virtually or by mail. Your rebate will work like a debit card, and you’ll be able to use it on nearly anything you’d like.

How do I check my Discount Tire rebate?

For Discount Tire sponsored rebates and/or Discount Tire credit card rebate status, visit our rebate status. If you have a manufacturer’s rebate, please contact us at 1-800-385-3322 and we will get the correct contact number for you.

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