How do I become a hockey referee in Massachusetts?

How do I become a hockey referee in Massachusetts?

To become registered as an official with USA Hockey you must complete the following three-step process….Getting Started

  1. Register with USA Hockey.
  2. Attend a USA Hockey Officiating Seminar.
  3. Once your registration fee is received by USA Hockey, you will be sent information on how to take the on-line open book test.

How much do hockey referees make in Massachusetts?

NHL referees make between $1,000 and $4,000 per game they officiate. Referees can officiate up to three or four games per week, so their annual salary is estimated to fall between $115,000 and $350,000. Linesmen earn less than referees, typically in the range of $100,000 and $250,000.

How old do you have to be to ref hockey in Massachusetts?

Age Restriction Notice for Officials In order to comply with Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 149, Sections 54 – 105, all officials must reach the age of 14 prior to being allowed to officiate USA Hockey games within the Massachusetts District.

How long does it take to become a hockey referee?

One year experience before moving to Level 4. Must get a minimum open book exam score of 45/50 or closed book exam score of 40/50, and complete all other requirements. May officiate all levels of USA Hockey. Level 4 officials have the utmost experience by passing through all the levels, taking approximately 3-4 years.

What does a WHL ref make?

Average CHL (WHL, OHL, QMJHL) Referee Salary There is no clear information about the salary of an OHL referee, but in terms of the lower league, a CHL referee can earn $60k Canadian working 9 months a year and only a couple hours a day.

How do you become a junior hockey referee?

To become certified you must pay a membership fee and complete an open book rules exam. Thereafter, candidates must complete a hockey referee seminar which includes classroom and ice time. There is no minimum age, but it is recommended that new hockey officials not work their own age classification or higher.

Is it hard to be a hockey referee?

Hockey Referee Training Assistance Being a ref is challenging physically and mentally. As you keep pace with play on the ice, skating hard to maintain a clear view of the action, you must also make quick or even instantaneous decisions.

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