How can I speak to someone at TalkTalk?

How can I speak to someone at TalkTalk?

Calling 0345 172 0088 is a good first step to solving an issue or getting questions answered regarding your TalkTalk service. That is if you have TalkTalk landline to avoid paying for the call. If you don’t have a landline phone at home then you can call 0203 441 5550 from any other landline or mobile.

Does TalkTalk have 24 hour customer service?

Our community is here 24/7, 365 days a year. If you’re unable to find an answer, post your question to one of our thousands of active members day or night.

What mobile network does TalkTalk use?

TalkTalk is an MVNO that currently uses Vodafone, but it should soon be switching to O2 as part of a new multi-year deal. At the moment it only offers 3G, but once it makes the move to O2 you’ll be able to get 4G as well.

Is 0345 free from TalkTalk landline?

As one of United Kingdom’s leading B2B and consumer telecoms provider, TalkTalk is not only affordable but also offers very reliable services. The charge made to 0345 numbers is charged at the same rate as 01 and 02 numbers. All 0345 numbers are charged using the standard local rate.

Why has my TalkTalk bill gone up?

For its part, TalkTalk said the unexpected rise in its costs caused by the Covid-19 crisis and the boom in internet use had forced its hand. TalkTalk also announced that prices will start rising by 3.7% plus inflation (consumer prices index) every April from 2022 onwards, bringing it into line with rivals.

What happened to TalkTalk mobile?

TALKTALK is slowly shutting down its mobile phone business. Customers reaching the end of contracts are being given the choice to either switch to a new deal with 02 or move to a new provider. TalkTalk will no longer take on new mobile customers, other services such as broadband and TV are not affected.

Is TalkTalk and Talkmobile the same?

Is Talkmobile and TalkTalk the same company? No. They never have been. They just both happen to have Talk in their names.

Are mobile numbers free on TalkTalk?

About TalkTalk’s Unlimited UK Calls Boost It enables TalkTalk customers to phone all standard UK landlines and mobiles all day, every day for 60 minutes at a time at no extra charge. Excluding calls to the Channel Islands, Isle of Man, dial-up internet, indirect access and all other numbers are not included.

Is TalkTalk 1471 free?

You can block up to 100 numbers, this feature is free of charge. Discover who called you last by dialling 1471 and even call them by pressing 3 to return the call, this service is charged at 20p per call plus your usual call charges.

Can you haggle with TalkTalk?

TalkTalk is the broadband provider that existing customers are most likely to successfully haggle a better deal, according to a new study. By comparison, Virgin Media had the least satisfied customers when it came to haggling down, with only 32 per cent saying they were happy with the response from the firm.

Is it easy to cancel TalkTalk?

TalkTalk customers who are no longer in their initial contract term (typically 12-18 months) can walk away without penalty. Usually it’s 30 days’ notice to leave, but if switching it usually allows you to go once it’s had the request from the new provider.

Who took over TalkTalk mobile?

The group is headquartered in Salford after first being established in Leeds as a subsidiary of Carphone Warehouse before being demerged as a standalone company in March 2010. After being listed on the London Stock Exchange for more than a decade, TalkTalk has now been bought by Tosca IOM in £1.1bn deal.

How to cancel TalkTalk?

Call, send a letter or speak with an assistant on the TalkTalk website, explain that you wish to cancel. If cancelling by post. Clearly and unambiguously state you wish to stop your TalkTalk broadband. You’ll need to provide your full name, your TalkTalk phone number, your signature and your contact phone number or address.

What is the phone number for Straight Talk customer service?

The customer support phone number of Straight Talk is +1-305-715-6500/ +1-877-430-2355 (Click phone number to call).

How do you email a straight talk customer?

Insert the phone number and network provider’s email address format. Once you have the appropriate format, all you need to do is type in the phone number of the Straight Talk customer you’re sending the email to, followed by the appropriate network provider’s address.

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