How can I get admission in ice Balaji Telefilms?

How can I get admission in ice Balaji Telefilms?


  1. Application Form. Application Form and Prospectus can be obtained from the counsellor at any of our enrolment centres from Monday to Saturday, between 10 am to 6 pm, upon paying the requisite fee.
  2. Entrance Test & Interview Process.
  3. Result Declaration.
  4. Admission Confirmation.
  5. Original Documents Submission.

What is the fees of Anupam Kher acting school?

TUITION FEES Total fee (when paid in 3 installments): ₹ 237,000. Diploma (part time, 6 month): Five installments of ₹ 47,400 each, on dates as shared by the management. Total fee (when paid in 5 installments): ₹ 237,000.

What is ICE Balaji?

ICE (The Institute of Creative Excellence) is an initiative by Balaji Telefilms’ aimed at creating and harnessing new talent in the field of Media & Entertainment. Conceptualised and realised by industry mavens, ICE kick-started the filming and performing arts courses and programs back in 2010.

Who is the owner of Institute of Creative Excellence?

Balaji Telefilms
The Institute was founded by Balaji Telefilms and currently continues to train students in various media fields from it Mumbai based training campus.

How do I audition for Balaji Telefilms?

How do I Audition for Balaji Telefilms?

  1. First, go to
  2. Register FREE account on
  3. Create Portfolio on
  4. After that click on create portfolio button.
  5. Upload photos and videos on

What is the fees of acting school in Mumbai?


Acting School Course Fee
ICE Balaji Acting School INR 2,00,000
Anupam Kher’s Actor Prepares INR 25,000 to INR 2,50,000
Drama School Mumbai INR 2,00,000 to INR 4,00,000
Barry John Acting Studio INR 3,00,000

What should I do after 12th for Acting?

There are various diploma courses that are available for Acting after 12th studies including diploma in acting, dramatic arts, direction, screenwriting etc. Diploma in acting courses after 12th adds to the degree of acting courses and can also be done alone for entering into the drama and performing arts industry.

What is salary of actor?

Salary Description The average total compensation for a television actor who started as an actor in the industry is somewhere between Rs. 12 lakh per month. After gaining some experience, they can expect a pay of Rs. 30 lakh per month.

How is ice Institute?

At ICE we believe Quality to be the only differentiator. Thus our focus is to offer quality experience through our curriculum, infrastructure and teaching and create one of the best acting, cinematography and direction institute in India. The ICE Academic Council at ICE comprising of Mr. Jitendra Kapoor and Ms.

How is ice Institute Quora?

ICE institute of creative excellence provide many courses which are advanced as well as full time depending upon the capability of students and their talents which are tested while talking interviews and auditions . Some students are provided with the scholarships as well if they have that talent in them.

How can I enter in TV serial industry?

Create your profile on entertainment websites and connect with Producers, Director’s, and other Actors on the platform. Be active online to seek opportunity in TV serials. You can join a local Theatre Group. Hang around the local theatre tea shop, and before you can say “acting” – you’ll meet the people who can help.

How do I start an acting career in TV serials?

If you want to learn how to audition for a tv serial, follow these steps to help you get and complete an audition:

  1. Pose for a professional headshot.
  2. Consider hiring an agent or an acting guild.
  3. Find open casting calls in your area.
  4. Develop your professional network.
  5. Practice for your audition.

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